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6-Year-Old Black Boy, 1st Grader With Super High IQ Accepted into Mensa

Cursory: Taurian Collins, a 6-year-old from Monroe, Louisiana, has gained acceptance into Mensa, a prestigious group reserved for the top 2% on standardized tests. Overcoming early hearing challenges, Taurian demonstrated advanced intellect from age 2, impressing with his reading skills. With dreams of being an NFL player and astronaut, Taurian aims to attend Harvard by age 13.

In Monroe, Louisiana, a remarkable 6-year-old boy named Taurian Collins is making headlines for his exceptional achievements. Despite facing early hearing challenges, Taurian has defied the odds and made history by gaining acceptance into Mensa, a prestigious group reserved for individuals scoring in the top 2% on standardized tests.

Taurian’s journey to this remarkable achievement is nothing short of inspiring. At just 2 years old, he began reading, demonstrating a remarkable intellect from an early age.

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His parents recall that Taurian initially struggled with speech, uttering only a few words. “He wasn’t really talking. I don’t think he was saying 10 words,” said, Jessica Collins, his mother.

However, after undergoing surgery to address his hearing difficulties, Taurian’s world transformed, enabling him to engage in clear speech and vibrant conversations.

Since overcoming his hearing challenges, Taurian has continued to impress with his advanced skills. His mother, Jessica Collins, proudly shared a video of him effortlessly reading sentences she wrote, showcasing his remarkable abilities.

Looking ahead, Taurian has big dreams. Despite his young age, he aspires to pursue dual careers as both an NFL player and an astronaut. With ambitious plans to attend college early, Taurian sets his sights on Harvard University by the age of 13.

Determined to support her son’s aspirations, Jessica Collins expresses unwavering support, stating, “We’re going to do whatever we have to do to get him there.” Taurian’s story serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and determination in overcoming challenges and reaching for the stars.

Credits: ALLSCHOOL, blacknews

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