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‘A Female Child Must Be Educated To Live Fulfilling Life’ – University Vice Chancellor

CURSORY: The vice chancellor of FUTA has urged females to receive high-quality education so they can live a fulfilling life.

Prof. Adenike Oladiji, the vice-chancellor of Federal University of Technology, Akure, (FUTA) in Ondo State, has urged everyone to make sure that women receive high-quality education in order to advance the nation.

The don pointed out that women who had access to high-quality education were better able to pursue fulfilling occupations, make wise life decisions, and actively participate in their communities.

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At the Precision Online Newspaper’s annual public lecture, which took place in Akure on Sunday, she said this in her keynote speech, Title “Promoting women’s rights to quality education and healthcare” which was the focus of the presentation.

The head of FUTA asserted that a woman with a good education would be able to question social norms, dispel gender stereotypes, and engage in political and socioeconomic life.

Oladiji said, “Promoting women’s rights to quality education and healthcare is not only a matter of justice but a prerequisite for sustainable development and societal progress.

“By addressing the challenges in these spheres, societies can unlock the full potential of their population, fostering a more equitable and prosperous world for everyone.”

Mr. Hakeem Adebumiti, the publisher of Precision Online Newspaper, emphasized in his speech the value of women’s empowerment and education. He declared that the online publication will not back down in this situation.

He said, “I stand before you today to reinforce the need for us as stakeholders, educators, leaders of thoughts, religious leaders to champion the cause to empower our women.

”It is our belief at Precision Online Newspaper, that for us to get the best out of our society, we must empower the girl child and by extension our women.

“There are a thousand reasons for us to be worried. The out-of-school children population in the world, out of which Nigeria shares a substantial figure, stood at 20m as of September 2022.

”It is easy to conclude that the 20 million figure announced by UNESCO then would be mostly girls. This alone should create fear in our minds.”

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