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‘I can’t marry a lady without a degree. Over my dead body.” – Uni Graduate Breaks Hearts

Meet Patient Victor Oyuko a Kenyan Degree Holder, who talks about what he thinks about people without university degree.

A young man by the name Victor Patience Oyuko a Kenyan graduate of environmental science has been educating his followers on social media on the value of a degree.

He launched a social media “degree campaign” to remind youth of the significance of a degree and inspire them to pursue it.

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Oyuko, also known as the ‘Kenyan Degree Holder’, is of the opinion that the only thing that can eradicate poverty, illiteracy, inequity, and hopelessness is education.

The man also went on to say that since women without degrees are out of his league and not his type, he cannot date or marry them.

Discussing education in an interview with TUKO, Victor oyuko said that education has the power to change destiny.

“I speak about a Degree daily because I want our people to harness all available knowledge and transform society. I speak for Degree holders who have despaired and given up on their degrees because of lack of jobs.

”I am trying to tell them that they have the power to change their destiny if they can once more get up and think of a niche in society they can fill using their knowledge.

To make this short, I am a testimony of the value of education, I’m nowhere close to achieving my dreams but with a degree, I will one day sit in high places.This is the attitude I’m inflicting on the people,” he said.

The best thing is a degree.

The pleased graduate revealed that his father had always pushed him to do well in school in order to get into college and earn a degree. He said that his father’s remarks gave him a burning desire to earn a degree.

‘’When I was a young boy, my dad kept telling me to study hard and get a Degree because he didn’t have it. He always reminded me it was the only gift I could bring him home. So I grew up longing for the day I’ll get my degree. Besides that, there are doors that I wouldn’t have gone through if I didn’t have a degree,” he continued.

He has urged his fellow degree holders to walk with their heads held high since it is an important document.

He said: “Once you embrace and get proud of your degree despite the crowded and corrupt job market, you’ll think about how to make it useful.

”You’ll realize there is something you studied within the four years that can actually be converted into an opportunity to solve people’s problems. And above all, it distinguishes you as a learned fellow who has the ability to create positive change in society.

”That’s why I’ll always preach the beauty of a degree and encourage people to pursue higher education even if it means using irony, humour and sarcasm to pass the message.”

The young man, a Maseno University alumnus, declared he would never go on a date or get married to a lady without a degree. He mentioned that any woman without a degree is not in his level and not his kind.

According to him: ”I can’t marry a lady without a degree. Over my dead body. I will never forgive myself if I do. If I take a lady on a date and realise she doesn’t have a degree, I would end the date immediately. If you don’t have a degree, you are automatically not my type,” said Oyuko.

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