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Nigerian Students Share ‘Unbelievable’ Reasons Why Lecturers Gave Them Carryover

Cursory: A young Nigerian woman’s account of how she experienced a carryover surprised many users on Twitter and sparked debates.

A Nigerian Man with a Twitter handle, @Ike_Obiora, has sparked a conversation online after tweeting that there are a lot of factors that make students fail a course in a Nigerian University.

During our first year in the University, most of us thought all the senior students coming to write their carryovers with us to be very unseriousness. As we advanced, we all come to understand various factors that could lead to carryovers in a Nigerian University,” Obiora wrote.

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Reacting, a young lady with the handle @izesule narrated how she had a carryover because she represented her University.

According to her, it all started when she traveled abroad for the competition, a trip she duly informed her department.

A lecturer in her department set up a CA (continuous assessment) test while she was gone. The lecturer refused to let her take a make-up test despite her pleading that she was away representing the college with pride.

The lady stated that when she wanted to salvage the situation by doing a term paper instead, the female lecturer did not bulge, instead failing her and giving her carryover.

In her words: “I thought I would at least get a D from the exams… I really thought I gave my all to it. I failed sha. I cried. God!!!

She further added that, when she complained to the department, she was told to just accept her carryover and move on.

She was well ‘respected’ and her parents were also respected professors in the school.I was just told to accept it and move on,” she tweeted.

Reacting to her story, other Nigerians also shared their similar experience.

One abe@cwhyte wrote: This made me remembered a final year student who rep our deprtment in a sch match, organized by the sch. She broke her leg n ended up at a teaching hospital. Final exam, she couldn’t leave hospital to write exam n sch refused her writing at the hospital either.We were all pained.

Another Twitter user with the handle, @Estargre8t, wrote: I can imagine your pains.I have a similar story. My faculty had its election day and it was a lecture free day for the faculty. That’s how we saw in the group chat that a lecturer was in class and was about to give test. The man gave his test and more than half had carryover.

@IloriGbengaDan, sharing an experience of his schoolmate, wrote: I think the one that happened in our school got the person an extra year When they did partnership with a Korean Uni, so our student spent a semester there. Coming back, they refused to accept the Korean results and had the student resit that semester.

Seems though that this experience isn’t peculiar to tertiary institutions. Another Twitter user shared a similar story that happened to her in her secondary school.

According to her, she “Represented my sec school for a week, came 2nd of 36 states,came back & they told me they wanted all 8 subjects with complete notes in 2 days & test weeks starts the next day. Apparently some teachers were pissed the prize money was 5x their salary & the principal let me keep it. Majesty

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