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Determined Nurse Finally Fulfills Her Dream Of Becoming A Medical Doctor, Her Story Inspires Many

Cursory: A young Ghanaian lady called Ernestina Mensah has fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming a doctor. This was 10 years after she worked as a community health nurse with a big ambition. She spent four years pursuing the Physician Assistant program after which she went ahead to study Medicine.

Ernestina Mensah, a determined Ghanaian lady has inspired many online natives specifically on LinkedIn with her extraordinary journey to becoming a medical doctor.

According to Ernestina’s good friend, Afia Drah who shared the story on her handle, Ernestina found a way to go from being a community health nurse to a medical doctor.

It was revealed that Ernestina, after becoming a community health officer, decided not to settle there like most of her colleagues but applied for a Physician Assistant program.

In 2016, the determined young lady graduated from Central University with her bachelor’s degree, which was a four-year program.

She also decided not to stop there. Now, Ernestina Mensah has successfully become a doctor as her graduation photos have been shared.

Read the full story below:

I met Ernestina in 2016 on Facebook. After a couple of months we took the friendship offline and started hanging out. Of course it helped that we had a couple of mutual friends.

She was very fun, loved outing, fashion, perfumes and all the stuff you wouldn’t think a typical bookworm would like. Such a fashion freak that she would later name her dog Zara.

A few months after we became friends, she graduated from Central University college with first class as a Physician Assistant.

I was a bit baffled by the PA ship cos I knew she was a nurse. And then when some folks on Facebook started an “agenda” that she is “posing” as a doctor, I got curiously excited enough to find out more about her.

I found out from her that she had started her career as a Community Health Nurse, then went on to purse the PA degree.

She would always say she would pursue further to become a doctor. And I told her in 2016 that I will definitely tell the world about her. I loved her determination.

We both got busy over the years, our friendship went back to online, WhatsApp to be precise.

All these while she worked as a nurse and PA, helping out with private practices and fertility specialists, surgeons and various consultants.

Then in November 2022, she became Dr. Ernestina M. just like she said to years ago.

Maybe this is not a wow story for you or it’s an ordinary achievement for you but this is an extraordinary story to me and I choose to share it before the year ends to encourage someone.

This is a story of determination, persistence and purpose. Mind you, she wasn’t from a mid-upper class family.

Below are reactions of some inspired Netizens:

Emma Oduro-Nyaning:
She is truly inspirational
I met Nurse Ernestina during my journey with infertility.
She is a genius at calming you and making you believe.
I saved her number as my IVF buddy because that is what she was on and off duty.
In Dr.Attoh’s office at Pentecost hospital I knew she was going places.
I felt so proud when she graduated as a doctor because this Ghanaian society has a weird relationship with titles no matter how you excel.
Super proud Dr.Ernestina
Keep soaring.

Dr. Monalisa Annenu: You should see my goose bumps as I read this, thanks for sharing. It is not always the numbers, the story may just be inspiring only one person, but it serves its purpose.

A. Abena Yalley: It’s a wow story indeed. She said she would and she did ! Especially when the mob comes for you on social media.
So happy for her . Congratulations to her . Determination pays

Quirinous Welwean: Her story really inspired me and it co-exist with my personal story, I am still pushing forward, paying my own tuition and keep being determined to reach my goals in life, no matter what. God will definitely see me through like He did for her. Congratulations to her, I’m inspired.

Justice Quophy Yongo: I have never regretted having Tina as a close pal from Junior High school. She has the endurance as the Camel, the agility as the mountain goat and a deep sense of humor. She’s someone with a strong energy that positively affects the elements around her of which I am a testimony of her influence. If you’re someone who places reliance on luck, she’s definitely not a friend to seek, for grit is what has brought her this far. Proud of you Tina🍾

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