Best [q:exam] GCE Lesson

Wouldn't you want to go into your GCE Exam hall with just your pen and paper and come out with a big smile?


Yes right? Then this [q:exam] GCE Online Lesson is exactly what you need.


Join the best [q:exam] GCE Lesson, the one and only online lesson to help you score A1 easily.

Smart Students have joined it already!

What You'll Get


The Online Lesson, handled by extremely brilliant teachers, will be held every NIGHT, from 7 pm, Mondays to Saturdays.


This is to ensure you can go about your daily activities and still study effectively at night, comfortably.

Study Smartly

Most students read their books but waste time on things that won't even come out in exam.


This won't happen in this online lesson. Our brilliant tutors will only focus on things that will come out in your exam.


They will only teach based on the Official and Updated Syllabus.


With this lesson, you aren't just studying, you're studying smartly!


What will come out in the exam? Will I pass the exam? I hope I will make it. These are questions that stress most GCE Students.


Be rest assured that if you this online lesson seriously, you won't be stressed about the upcoming exam anymore.


You'll go into the exam hall very confident and come out with a very big smile.


Exhilaration is a feeling of intense excitement and joy. This feeling comes from achieving a personal goal.


Every student's goal is to pass their exams. Since you'll take this online lesson seriously, you'll definitely pass your [q:exam] GCE excellently, and will surely be exhilarated.

Our Results Speak for Us

While this is the first time we are doing a GCE Lesson, this isn't the first time we are conducting an online lesson. Earlier this year, we did an intensive JAMB Lesson, when the results came out, our students graced our chat with their results. Below are a few:

Meet Your Brilliant Tutors

David, U.O.

English Tutor
David, U.O. is a graduate of the Department of English and Literary Studies, University of Calabar. She is a purposeful and free-spirited individual, driven by a great love for humanity and a passion for gaining and sharing knowledge through meaningful conversations, thus contributing positively to society and the world at large.

Ifeanyi, J.C.

Maths & Chemistry Tutor
Ifeanyi, J.C. is a  Biochemistry graduate from Madonna University. He is a Maths and Science tutor with multiple years of experience. He is a fervent lover of Christ, private researcher, programmer and a keyboardist. He loves music, sports (Tennis) and swimming.

Okafor, O.J.

Biology & Physics Tutor
Okafor, O.J. is a graduate from the Department of Nursing Sciences, University of Nigeria. She is a strong catholic who believes in the dogma and loves putting smiles on people's faces. She also loves teaching and being a change agent, creating a difference wherever she finds herself.

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