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Over 50,000 real Jamb Past Questions and Answers

Jamb Tutorials (Study Materials)

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Score High in Jamb with Allschool JAMB CBT App

Top 5 Reasons Why Jamb Candidates Love Allschool JAMB CBT APP

Allschool JAMB CBT App is the perfect JAMB preparatory tool for YOU. Here's why smart JAMB candidates love the Allschool JAMB CBT App

Practice Jamb CBT Exam Past Questions

Most times JAMB follows the same pattern to ask their questions. They even repeat questions sometimes.


If you go through our JAMB Past Questions and Answers, you will not only see familiar questions on your JAMB Exam Day, you may even see questions that have been asked before.


Use the Practice for JAMB CBT Exam feature to practice real JAMB Past Questions and their answers.

Save time, Cover More!

Allschool JAMB CBT App will not just give you access to practice over 50,000 jamb past questions,  it'll also allow you to practice those questions topic by topic.


This way you can save time and focus on the topics you're not too good at.


This will definitely help you cover a lot within a short period.

Get Better, Magically

When you practice JAMB past questions on Allschool JAMB CBT App, we'll magically tell you topics and subjects you should focus more on.


That's not all, we'll give you a short and concise tutorial on that topic to ensure you can answer any questions from the topic.


All these are available in the Learning Recommendations section.

Read & Listen to JAMB Tutorials

The ALLSCHOOL JAMB CBT App gives you access to a well-explained chapter-by-chapter summary of most subjects and topics.


You can read or listen to these topics.


It doesn't end there. For each topic, you can also answer past questions asked on those topics.


All of these are available in what we call Study Materials.

Great Experience, Pass Excellently

With Allschool JAMB CBT App, you get an amazing JAMB CBT exam experience.


Such as:

  • Use the app offline! Save that money you'd have used to buy data. When you gain admission, you'll need a lot of it.
  • Save questions, answers, or explanations you want to see later.
  • Inbuilt calculator to help science students tackle calculation questions.
  • Detailed answers to jamb past questions.
  • Fully customizable to ensure a smoother experience.
  • Educational games to help boost your morale and knowledge on your course of study.

Score High in Jamb with Allschool JAMB CBT App

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Score High in Jamb with Allschool JAMB CBT App

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