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Lagos State University of Education Courses Offered [UPDATED]

LASUED Courses Offered: This page will show you the list of courses offered at Lagos State University of Education (LASUED), formerly called the Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education (AOCOED).

aocoed - lasued courses

This page will show you the list of courses offered at Lagos State University of Education (LASUED) formerly called Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education (AOCOED).

Please note that once new courses are added to the list, we will update this page.

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This page will show you LASUED Courses, their NCE courses and degree courses that were affiliated with EKSU.

History of LASUED

Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education (AOCOED) was in 2021, upgraded to Lagos State University of Education (LASUED). The college was first established in 1958 as a Grade III teacher training college with the name: Lagos State College of Education.

The University operates a Multi-Campus system with a main campus in Adenran Ogunsanya, Otto/Ijanikin, and its Annex at Micheal Otedola, Noforija, Epe.

Lagos State University of Education (LASUED) Courses

  1. B.A. Ed. History & Diplomatic Studies
  2. B.A. History & Diplomatic Studies
  3. B.A. Ed. Christian Religious Studies
  4. B.A. Christian Religious Studies
  5. B.A. Ed Islamic Studies
  6. B.A. Islamic Studies
  7. B.A. Ed Fine Arts
  8. B.A. Fine Arts
  9. B.A. Ed. Music
  10. B.A. Music
  11. B.A. Theatre & Performing Arts
  12. B.Sc. Ed. Biology
  13. B.Sc. Biology
  14. B.Sc. Ed. Chemistry
  15. B.Sc. Chemistry
  16. B.Sc. Ed. Physics
  17. B.Sc. Physics
  18. B.Sc. Ed. Mathematics
  19. B.Sc. Mathematics
  20. B.Sc. Ed. Statistics
  21. B.Sc. Statistics
  22. B.Sc Ed. Integrated Science
  23. B.Sc. Ed. Health Education
  24. B.Sc. Ed. Human Kinetics
  25. B.Sc. Ed. Computer Science
  26. B.Sc. Computer Science
  27. B.Sc. Ed. Educational Technology
  28. B.Sc. Ed. Automobile Technology
  29. Ed. Woodwork Technology
  30. B.Sc. Ed. Electrical Technology
  31. B.Sc. Ed.Metalwork Technology
  32. B.Sc Library and Information Science
  33. B.Sc. Ed. Agriculture Science
  34. B.Sc.Ed. Home Economics
  35. B Sc. Home Economics
  36. B.Sc. Ed. Business Education
  37. B.Sc. Ed. Secretarial Administration
  38. B.Sc. Ed. Accounting
  39. B.Sc. Accounting
  40. B. Ed. Entrepreneurship
  41. B.Sc Ed. Economics
  42. B.Sc. Economics
  43. B.Sc. Ed. Educational Management
  44. B.Sc. Ed. Political Science
  45. B.Sc. Political Science 
  46. B.Sc. Ed. Geography
  47. B.Sc. Geography
  48. B.Sc. Transport Management
  49. B.Sc. Ed. Social Studies
  50. B.Ed. Civic and Citizenship
  51. B.Ed Early Childhood Care Education 
  52. B.Ed Primary Education Studies
  53. B.Ed Counselling Pychology
  54. B.Ed Special Education
  55. B.Ed Adult Education
  56. B.A Ed English
  57. B.A English
  58. B.A Ed French
  59. B.A French
  60. B.A Ed. Arabic
  61. B.A Arabic
  62. B.A Ed Yoruba
  63. B.A Yoruba
  64. B.A Ed Igbo
  65. B.A Igbo
  66. B.A Ed Hausa
  67. B.A Hausa


  • Agricultural Science (Double Major)
  • Arabic/Creative and Cultural Arts
  • Arabic/English
  • Arabic/Hausa
  • Arabic/Islamic Studies
  • Arabic/Political Science
  • Arabic/Social Studies
  • Arabic/Yoruba
  • Biology/Geography
  • Biology/Integrated Science
  • Biology/Mathematics
  • Business Education
  • Chemistry/Integrated Science
  • Chemistry/Mathematics
  • Christian Religious Studies/Economics
  • Christian Religious Studies/English
  • Christian Religious Studies/French
  • Christian Religious Studies/Geography
  • Christian Religious Studies/History
  • Christian Religious Studies/Igbo L2
  • Christian Religious Studies/Political Science
  • Christian Religious Studies/Social Studies
  • Christian Religious Studies/Theatre Arts
  • Christian Religious Studies/Yoruba
  • Computer Education/Biology
  • Computer Education/Chemistry
  • Computer Education/Economics
  • Computer Education/Geography
  • Computer Education/Integrated Science
  • Computer Education/Physics
  • Computer Science Education/Integrated Science
  • Computer Science Education/Mathematics
  • Cultural and Creative Arts / Hausa
  • Cultural and Creative Arts / Igbo
  • Cultural and Creative Arts/Christian Religious Studies
  • Cultural and Creative Arts/English
  • Cultural and Creative Arts/French
  • Cultural and Creative Arts/Social Studies
  • Cultural and Creative Arts/Yoruba
  • Early Childhood Care Education
  • Economics/English
  • Economics/French
  • Economics/Geography
  • Economics/History
  • Economics/Mathematics
  • Economics/Social Studies
  • English (Double Major)
  • English/French
  • English/Geography
  • English/Hausa
  • English/History
  • English/Igbo
  • English/Igbo L2
  • English/Islamic Studies
  • English/Music
  • English/Political Science
  • English/Social Studies

AOCOED Part-time Courses

The School runs virtually all the NCE courses that exist in the full time programme but for four years. Lectures are taken during the weekends and the courses are taught by the same set of lecturers handling full time NCE programme.

AOCOED Degree Courses

Undergraduate Degree programmes (In Affliliation with Ekiti State University)

  1. B.Ed. Guidance and Counseling
  2. B.Ed. Adult Education
  3. B.Ed. Educational Management
  4. B.Sc. (Ed) Education/Economics
  5. B.Sc. (Ed) Education/Accounting
  6. B.Sc. (Ed) Education/Geography
  7. B.Sc. (Ed) Education/Political Science
  8. B.A. (Ed) Education/History and International Studies
  9. B.A. (Ed) Education/English
  10. B.A. (Ed) Education/French
  11. B.A. (Ed) Education/Yoruba
  12. B.A. (Ed) Education/Christian Religious Studies
  13. B.Sc. (Ed) Education/Biology
  14. B.Sc. (Ed) Education/Mathematics
  15. B.Sc. (Ed) Education/Integrated Science
  16. B.Sc. (Ed) Education/Chemistry
  17. B.A. (Ed) Education/Islamic studies
  18. B.A. (Ed) Education/Fine and Applied Arts
  19. B.A. (Ed) Education/Music
  20. B.Sc. (Ed) Education/Physics
  21. B.Sc. (Ed) Education/Agric Science
  22. B.Sc. (Ed) Health Education
  23. B. Ed. Education/library studies
  24. B.Ed. Physical and Health Education
  25. B.Sc. (Ed) Technical Education
  26. B.Ed. Education/Social Studies
  27. B.Sc. (Ed) Education/Computer science
  28. B.Ed. Nursery and primary Education
  29. B.Sc. (Ed) Business Education
  30. B.Sc. (Ed) Education/Home Economics

If you have any question please feel free to ask us using the comment box below. We will be very pleased to answer you.

Allschool Team

Thank you so much for reading. We will appreciate it if you share this with your loved ones.

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Chukwudi Emmanuel

Please ma/sir can I learn fashion designing under fine and applied arts


What are the requirment for physical and health education

Christiana Mbah orjiakor

Good morning sir/ma,
Please I have my HND in accounting, but now I want to Register in your school for my PGD in education accounting. Please I there room for that? If yes please direct me on how to go about it.Meanwhile,I will like to know your fees,duration of the course, and the registration exercise.

Nwankwo Precious

Pls do they offer mass communication in Lasued University

Omolabake Sule

When will the part time course for this year begin?. I will love to apply

Joshua Augustina

I wish to have information on the following:
Duration of the sandwich programs
Time of lectures/examinations
Program’s fees/cost
How and when to apply
My email is


Pls so they offer sandwich degree programme at lasued?


What course can one study at aocoed without CRS

Nnenna Elekwa

Good morning
Please can I get a degree from aocoed via part time.
I really want a part time with degree program because I do not have the chance for full time..
I’ll like to know,thank you

Otaniyi Kareem

The list of course offered in Adeniran ogunsanya college of education and list of course offered in Micheal otedola primary college


I want to study business education. Is it only in a school i can work?


Do they offer pgd or masters programs


Eco/sos student during NCE.
What are the course I can go for if I don’t want economics?


Please is the school just for who wants to pursue a Teaching career? Because I keep seeing “education” in all or most of the courses. Thank you

Adams gabriel

Pls is there micro biology in adeniran ogunsanya college of education

Akinremi Oluwatoyin

Good morning,
Please how effective and how strong is AOCOED degree programme compared to her NCE programme.


When will the degree form be out


When will the full time form be out for 2021


I already have Ond( Ordinary National diploma)
So, my question is can I still use that result to continue my studies in college, i.e ur college.?

Last edited 2 years ago by Benjozzy
abosede Omolara

When will degree program start in Aocoed


Do AOCOED offer nursing for degree course and how many years will it take me


What time of the year does d degree program begin and how many months does it last for?

Is the AOCOED part-time program just and NCE certificate? Not d same as d degree ryt?


How much does the affiliated degree program cost and is the degree a full time or part-time program?


Is the AOCOED part-time program different from the degree program?

Kashimawo abike

Pls can I change from adediran ogunsanya college to ekiti state University during the screening and registration

Blessing Sunday

Good evening. I wrote 2020 jamb and your school was my second choice. However, I wish to make it my first choice now. Course of choice is Education social studies. How do I go about it? Also my jamb score is 186

Chisom Ike

How many years is the degree program?
What are the requirements?
Thank you

ogundiran adedeji

I will like to apply for degree program…but what are d steps to take….


Would like to know d courses available fr part time studies

Ekuisue nkechi Cynthia

I will like to apply for my degree program, but don’t knw if there is any study center on d Island

Ekuisue nkechi Cynthia

Is there any study center around d Island

Alashe omodolapo

My daughter wrote jamb 2019 nd she score 203 nd she wanted to study biochemistry can she use d results

Faith Salami

Is the degree form out?

Faith Salami

I finished my NCE Course in Eco/Math at Adeniran Ogunsanya, can I go for BSc in Education/Computer Science without having Science subject in my O’Level result?

Balogun Parker

I have my hnd certificate but wants a come for a decree course in education is it possible and at what level. Will l start?

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