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Mixed Reactions As 22-year-old Lady Claims She Has Bagged 4 Varsity Degrees

Makayla Maarie, a gorgeous young lady has caused massive reactions on social media after claiming she bagged her 4th degree at the age of 22.

She claims that she bagged four degrees at that young age which looks logically impossible and it doesn’t sit well with some social media users who call her for allegedly misleading the public

However, some believe her story is possible, and they have taken to the tweet she made to shower her with congratulations 

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Makayla’s bio on her Twitter handle says she is an alumnus of The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), USA. 

There is, however, no mention of the courses she studied or the years she obtained the said degrees on her bio. But the latest tweet she made says her 4th degree is in cosmetology, the study and application of beauty treatment. 

Some, however, say it could be that she took minor courses which may not be called degrees.

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See some comments;

@LawrenceMango: “4th degree @ the age of 22. Is it a joke or what? Beg to differ, @ what age did u start your school? If u are kidding, fine. Truly speaking the academic arithmetic doesn’t tally.”

@KaptainK420: “You can graduate from a cosmetology school in 6-9 months. A degree from one isn’t the same as a degree from a university, at all. She can cut hair with a license now is all. So I’d be hard pressed thinking the other “degrees” were degrees as well.”

@cheywags: “Definitely not the case, an associates is like 2, bachelors like 3-4, masters 1-2, PhD like 3-6. But you can get done faster if you take classes in the summer and some people dual major. My roommate got their masters in chemistry online in a year while teaching full time.”

@_shoop_sa: “Y’all are so damn jealous! 🤣 Even if she wasn’t a cosmetology student, it’s not IMPOSSIBLE to achieve this at such a young age! What if she graduated hs at 16, college at 19, then got 3 one-year masters? That equals 4 degrees by 22… just say congrats or keep scrolling! Damn 🙄.”

@_funkadelic: “I just googled the question and found multiple sources that state that a cosmetologist can want a cert, a diploma, or a degree in the field of cosmetology. What she acquired, I can’t speak on, but it is possible to hold an associates degree in cosmetology.”

@BusinessNonyer: “So my 2 bachelors and 1 master took almost 8 years. When did cosmetology school count as a degree? Isn’t it a certificate? Like x,xxx amount of hours and a test and you’re licensed, right? If she can do hair AND nails does that count as two degrees?.”

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