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First Class Graduate Shares Helpful Tips For Reading, To Be The Best Student

A young man who graduated with a first-class degree has shared the helpful strategies and tactics he used to perform well on his exams.

A Nigerian man named James Gabriel Kamsanya who recently graduated from a Nigerian University with FIRST CLASS honors, has shared the helpful strategies he used to ace his exams.

Taking to Facebook, the young man said most of the best students knew that selecting the appropriate reading materials for a course was just as important as actually reading them.

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He also told the story of a lecturer, who In order to trick the students who desired shortcuts, consistently brought (sold) books that were not relevant to his course.

The young man described how he had always sourced important information concerning each course, and how he had stayed clear of the trap of reading the wrong materials.

In other words, it is important to make sure that the books that students read in preparation for exams or test are the right one, which contains the lecturers’ topics.

His Facebook post reads:

Take your time to read this.

Here is the secret that top students like me won’t easily share with you:

We spend far much time figuring out what to read than actually reading.

Because we know that the right work beats mindless hard work all the time.

That’s why we stand out every time. To be a top student yourself, you’ve got to learn that craft.

Let me share a personal 100-level story that makes this point.

In 100 level, we took a three credit unit course called the Principles of Economics.

It was taken by the Head of Department then – A Turkish lecturer now Professor.

PS: Now, take note of all I’ll say from now on. It exposes my never-heard-before thought process in figuring out what to read.

Each time he came to class, I noticed that he also brought a Ben Bernanke textbook with him – let’s call it textbook “A”.

Each time he lectures, he hardly refers to the textbook and he often drifts off into telling stories and all – not a good sign.

But then, interestingly, he gives us assignments from textbook “A”.

So, is textbook “A” the textbook that should be read? Well, there is a twist.

His past questions.

Having a textbook and not using it in class was suspect to me in my investigation of what to read.

So, I sourced for other sources, one of which was his past questions and there I noticed something interesting. His exam took the Multiple Choice Question format though.

And going through them, I noticed that questions had very little correlation with the content of the textbook A that he brought to class. Neither did they correlate with his lectures either. So, the natural question was:

Where possibly could these questions come from?

I began digging and by the end of my search, I discovered that those questions were sourced from a different textbook authored, not by Ben Bernanke, but by the Harvard Professor of Economics, Gregory Mankiw!

Right there, I got the answer to what I had to read.

Fast forward to the examination day, to the surprise of many given how shocking the exam questions were to those that depended on textbook A and his lectures, within less than 20 minutes, I was done with the exams and proceeded to submit.

Now, he is that lecturer that marks our papers on the spot with a scanning software. So, as I submitted. He scanned my paper right there and my score was 96/100. He turned to me in the front of others, shook my hands and went “beautiful! beautiful!”

Thinking of that now, I can’t believe I didn’t share in his excitement as I was asking him repeatedly “Sir, which one did I fail? Because I was expecting a 100. James! 😂

That’s the confidence that comes with reading what you’ve discovered you should read.

Now you get the point, don’t you?

Knowing what to read is even far more important than reading itself because it only makes sense that you take a bus when you have a clear sense of your destination.

Right beats hard every time – that’s why exceptional students like me wait and watch before we work. On this path of excellence, you should do learn to do the same too.

Got it?

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