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Nigerian Student Wrongfully Accused Of Fraud After Lossing All His Money to Fake Forex Trading Platform

Cursory: A Nigerian student, who left home to try and make ends meet has narrated his terrible experience with a fake Forex Trading Platform. John Akpan Ode had invested in the platform that promised a very huge quick return and also helped some people invest in it but, unfortunately it had crashed leaving him penniless. However, being penniless was the least of his worries as one of the people he had helped and also lent money to accused him of fraud and had him arrested. This arrest exposed him to a lot of weird people,harsh conditions and opened his eyes to just how terrible the Nigerian police is. He ended up spending six months in prison for something he did not do, despite providing evidence earlier on. John received help from Anchor Heritage, a non-governmental organization, who provided him with a lawyer, facilitating his release. John is now pleading with Nigerians to come to his aid, to help him stand on his feet again.

After finishing his secondary education, 27-year-old John Akpan Ode, an Ogoja, Cross River State native, moved to Lagos in pursuit of a better life.He was skilled at forex trading, roofing, and tile repair, which he utilized to pay for his education at the Lagos State Polytechnic.

However, when John came upon a fraudulent forex trading platform that offered large returns on investment, his life took a turn for the worse.In the hopes of making a substantial profit, he made significant investments in the platform and even assisted others in joining.

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Unfortunately, the site broke a few months later, and John lost all he had invested.He was disappointed, but he never expected that he would be the main suspect in a case of unrelated FX fraud.

When the investors John had brought onto the site started requesting their money back, John’s problems started.He had lost everything and was unable to return their investments. As a result, he was reported to the police and taken into custody.

John was held at Kirikiri prison, one of Nigeria’s most infamous jails, for months due to an alleged N6 million currency scam.He insisted he was innocent, but was refused bail, so he had to wait until his court date.John expressed his anger at the legal system, which he believed had failed him, in an interview with Encounter.

“I spent more than six months in Kirikiri prison for a crime I was not involved in,” he claimed. My life was destroyed after I was denied bail.

I go by the name Akpan John Ode. I’m from Cross River State’s Yala Local Government Area. In Yala Local Government Area, I went to Obachime Community Primary School and St. Francis Meridian College. I am from a multi-married household. My mother is the fourth and final woman that my father had.

Taking care of his 19 children was a significant challenge for my father. Only a few of my siblings went to primary school, and we frequently quarreled within the family.

As soon as I was able to complete secondary school and receive my West African Examination Council, WAEC Certificate in 2015, I made the decision to move to Lagos and start making a difference in the world.

I stayed with a single villager and learned how to repair roofs and tiles. I was also assisting the business with product marketing. I enrolled at Lagos State Polytechnic to study marketing with the little money I earned from the business.

I learned about forex trading from a friend while I was preparing for my OND at LASPOTECH. I had some business training, and after learning the trade’s secrets over time, I was able to start profiting from it. I joined a lot of platforms and had some success.

Up until I started introducing others to the business, I was doing fine. The initial group of individuals I introduced on the networks I utilize fared well and profited significantly from their investments. Until I made the decision to invest in a new platform last year, I had no issues with anyone for a very long time.

My initial investment on the platform increased from $300 to approximately $5,700, and I was making $200 withdrawals every two weeks to cover my personal expenses. One day, a sister introduced me to a woman who was based in Abuja.

I showed the woman the new platform I was utilizing because she expressed interest in forex. She only had $360, so I gave her an initial $300 loan to help her out. I merely offered to help, but she was trading on her own.

Over time, the woman made $5,000, but instead of withdrawing it, she opted to reinvest it. One day the site froze and we were unable to trade once more, shocking us all. It wasn’t until later that we realized we had been duped.

The woman phoned me and requested that I return her $5,000, but I told her that I, too, am a victim and that I cannot do that. She caused a lot of trouble up until she stopped communicating with me.

Up until July, when I traveled back to my village to see my parents, I had forgotten everything. I attempted to do other things to survive because my tile and roofing work was not arriving on a regular basis.

I received a call from an unknown individual in August who turned out to be a police officer. They had already detained one of my brothers and his wife when I received the call. In Lekki, they also detained one of my sisters, who eventually guided them to my home.

When they took me to their office in Ikeja, the police officers started to question me differently than they had when they had initially claimed that my detention was related to a phone.

The police officials at the Lagos State Police Command in Ikeja questioned me about whether I knew somebody named Ugochi. I responded that I was familiar with her and explained how I had brought her onto the FX trading site before it crashed.

They insisted that I was lying and vowed to beat the living daylights out of me if I didn’t stop. They presented me with a petition Ugochi had prepared, in which she claimed to have made an N6 million investment through me.

I spent 11 days being held in a cell while I insisted that I never deceived the complaint. For those 11 days, my family was unaware of my location because my phone had been confiscated.

My statement was recorded after I was brought to the police commissioner’s office. I showed them my WhatsApp exchanges with the complainant as well as the $360 she paid me for the investment.

Despite all my explanations, the police said I should refund the N6million. I told them that I didn’t have any money and that I also lost my all investments. When they realised that I didn’t have any money, they decided to file a charge against me before a Magistrate court.

Before an Ogba Magistrate Court, I was charged with fraud. I was given bail after entering a not guilty plea to the accusations. Unfortunately, I had no one to provide as my surety, so I was sent to Kirikiri prison until I could arrange my bail. I still didn’t have a surety, despite the case being postponed to two additional dates.

I was severely beaten and punished in the welcoming cell where I spent two days on the day I entered the prison. I was somewhat prepared for the beating and punishment because a convict I met in court had outlined to me the laws and procedures in the prison.

When I initially arrived at the prison, I greatly struggled, but after a while, I started to adjust to the setting. Because of the various types of people I encountered there, the prison environment seemed like a weird planet to me. Including armed robbers, yahoo yahoo boys, rapists, killers, kidnappers, and many other awful crimes.

There are unusual types of individuals there. I thought it odd that I was with these folks because of something I didn’t do. The food was awful. It was quite challenging for me to resist eating my supper portion.

I attempted to get by on the food and money that one of my sisters would occasionally bring me. We occasionally receive food from some churches. I was eventually affected by the surroundings, which led to a significant health problem.

I think that some inmates’ extended stays in jail or prison are partially the fault of the warders. I was astonished to learn that some convicts had spent years behind bars for similar charges even though I had only been incarcerated for six months because the warders had withheld the date of their trial.

Occasionally, only the warders approach the registrar for the new date when we go to court but the magistrate is unable to seat. Those of us without attorneys are constantly at the warders’ mercy. You will rot in jail if they don’t tell you when your case has been postponed.

I went to court twice after my arraignment without a counsel, and neither time did the magistrate take a seat. When I got back to the prison, one of the detainees informed me about Anchor Heritage, a non-governmental organization that has been helping innocent prisoners get their freedom back.

I awaited the NGO’s arrival and submitted my case to them on that day. Mr. Bidemi Oladipupo, the organization’s head, informed me that they would look into my case.I was taken aback when a lawyer from the organization took over my case at the next postponed date.

The complainant, an Abuja resident, did not appear in court once during the entire trial. There was only one man, who claimed to be her uncle. The case was postponed four times until the magistrate decided to dismiss it.

I suppose the police decided to drop the case when it became obvious that the complainant had lied to them and was reluctance to pursue the matter. Although I was relieved that the case had been dropped, it made me feel awful to think that I had to serve six months in jail for a lie.

However, my six months at Kirkiri prison were an eye opener. Prison in Nigeria is not a good place to be. With hindsight, I’d say that being in prison helped me develop a driven outlook on life. The experience I’ve had has changed the way I think about assisting others.

I wasn’t particularly connected to God before to entering prison, but that institution ended up being somewhat of a blessing for me. God’s mercy was demonstrated to me when I was incarcerated, and ever since I was released, my relationship with God has grown.

My desire to create a nonprofit organization to assist those in need has been sparked by the assistance I also received from Anchor Heritage.

When someone has money and is aware of the business’s complexities, forex is advantageous. I have utilized some excellent platforms. However, the reality is that there is no surefire technique to identify a false platform.

Even if a platform is bogus, if you join it early and pay out, you will have significantly increased your investment. Unfortunately, before this particular one that put me into problems, I didn’t cash out early enough. I started that business since I needed the money to pay for my studies. The temporary setback I had has, in my opinion, made me stronger.

Since I was released from prison, things have been challenging. I still want to go back to school, but there isn’t money for it. Additionally, the tile and roofing industry is no longer as frequent as it once was.

I’m pleading with well-intentioned Nigerians for their assistance. I need a job so that I can continue my study and benefit both my country and myself.

Source: gistreel

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