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“We Fasted Because of Lack of Food”: Story of 4 Sisters Who Are All Varsity Graduates Goes Viral

Husseina Abubakar has shared an inspiring story of how their father struggled to train them through school up to University level.

Husseina, while sharing a viral photo of her siblings said they are six kids in the family, made up of five girls and one boy.

In a LinkedIn post, Husseina, who is a twin with another sibling called Hassana, said her father extremely worked hard to send them to school.

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In her words:

One of the moments I can never forget was the period the four of us were all in the university at the same time, but at different levels. Every new semester was an uphill struggle for our parents and they begin to feel the pinch. “

“But thankfully we never stayed home for lack of school fees or anything. My twin Engr. Hassana Abubakar R.Eng(COREN), MNSE and I would fast for a whole week so as to cut feeding cost, Daddy was a teacher then, and having 4 of his girls in the university at the same time 🤗.”

“Before the death of our lovely Daddy, our education (both western and Islamic) wise were his top priorities! 5 girls and a boy☺️

He would always remind us that, he doesn’t care if we were girls, so long as we worked hard and stay disciplined, he would sponsor and support us to any level of our choices, even if he had to be wearing a single pant and a shirt.”

“My Daddy and Mummy committed to our trainings as though we were all boys. The loan he always took for our school fees during our university years couldn’t cover our feeding for the whole semester. We made little cash from our basketball competitions while in school 😃.”

“When they was no competition, we fasted and even broke the fast with Gari at times 😃. We looked at each other and say “Husseina! Hassana! God is just testing us, HE does not hate us o, we must pass the test by not giving in to any temptation”.  Sweet memories 🏀🏀🏀”

“Mummy would have private meetings with her girls while on semester break, with her fingers pulling her own ears down, reminding us what Daddy has said and then adding hers. It was due to these reasons she never wanted sports to distract us.”

“Luckily for them, only Hassana and I were as stubborn as a mule🤣

The sports, we still doing them😅 but made sure to shut them up with our academic successes 😘😘.”

“One thing they never stopped doing was having constant conversations with us, making our friends their own friends too.” 

“You see parents, there’s power in your spoken words to your children, it is one of life’s greatest mysteries. All they will ever be or accomplish hinges on how you choose to govern what comes out of your mouth to them. “

“Alhamdulillah, we all became graduates before his death, both academically and islamically and saw us all turned independent women too. Allahummagfir li abee, Oh! Allah, grant my Daddy Malam Seid Abu the highest place in Jannah, Aameen. 🙏 ❤️”

Reacting to her story, Mahmood Ademoye wrote: This is so inspiring. May Allah grant your dad Al Firdaus. May Allah continue to make you all steadfast on the right path and ease your affairs. Barakallahu feekum

Oluwa Ogene wrote:

Kudos ladies, U did it…now soar!
Let your loving words be translated to favorable actions towards your parents, and transfer even greater of their words to your own offspring…
Congratulations ma and Glory be to GOD!

While Muhammad wrote: Such is the power of beloved #Dad , May Allah SWT forgive all his short comings and bless him with Aljannah. Amin

Olaolu added: I love your winning spirit. That’s the spirit of champions that you are, really. May God grant your Dad eternal rest and grant your Mum long life in good health to reap the fruits of her labour. I know how it feels having a set of twins myself. And for you, with two other siblings. Thank God for your lives!

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