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“I Never Used Computer In School Back Home,” – Says African Student Now Studying Abroad

Cursory: A Ghanaian girl who moved to the UK has contrasted her educational experiences there and back home. Although the little girl’s former school had a computer lab, she claimed she had never used it in Ghana; nevertheless, this is not the case in the UK. She added that whereas in the UK she had never been spanked or reprimanded by a teacher, in Ghana punishment is meted out for even the smallest transgression.

There are significant differences between the educational systems in Ghana and the UK, according to a Ghanaian student who moved there. In a TikTok video, the learner said that before departing for the UK, she attended Apeadu R/C in Ghana.

Her father, a member of the British army, asked the kid to compare her educational experiences in both nations in a brief interview that was released online.

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The youngster, who has been in the UK for three months, claimed that there could be no comparison between schools in Ghana and the UK. She also remarked that the educational resources in the two nations are different.

“Ghana and the UK cannot be the same. In the UK, they use televisions and computers to teach. There is a class for every subject here, but we sit in one place in Ghana until break time. In the UK, we have the opportunity to stretch our legs,” she said.

Regarding chairs in classrooms and technology, she claimed that while she was in school in Ghana, she never visited the computer lab, but that she now had access to one.

“I never used a computer when I was in Ghana. We had a few computers in the school, but they never taught us with them. Our ICT teacher never took us to the lab. The schools also need furniture.

“Desks meant for one student has two or more learners sitting on it. As for the UK, there are many chairs, and you can sit where you want. You can also stand; the teacher will do nothing to you.”

She also compared the treatment of kids by teachers in Ghana and the UK. The girl claimed that contrary to Ghana, teachers in the UK do not spank or reprimand kids.

“No teacher has beaten me here before. They don’t even scold children. Students bring phones to class and are even on Snapchat when they are teaching,” she said.

She promised to supply whatever the education sector needs, including computers and chairs, whenever she is elected president of Ghana.

See reactions below:


@Kate #ghanaeducationservice #ghanatiktokers🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭 #kumasitiktokers #weac @Kate

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See reactions below:

@Nana Yaw Agyei Nimo🥇👼🤴:we are always telling them that we are useless and hopeless..till we respect ourselves then theyll do same to us

@Maame Ama710:Stop condemning your country and do what you can do to help your country , Doctor, 👍

@Obiaa Ba Ny3🤐🤐:Ghana is way better than 🇬🇧

@Bra Emma🇬🇭💥:Sir✋please dnt put her into trouble ooo…she’s too young to be attacked by netizens though that’s 💯 truth🙂

@reginafrimpong911:Even now that indiscipline is bound, Ghanaian students are more discipline than that of uk.Ghana can never be uk and uk can’t change to Ghana.

@Obed:Discipline u pple talk about, they being natured how to be independent and confident etc and for respect she’s got it from home🥰 salute Sir

@Bismark:I don’t understand why people always want to compare Ghana and USA and UK and other countries US is over 400 years Ghana is 66 appreciate yours a bit

@Baah-Brown Solomon:Nice she is telling us the truth

@user6100575569118:I don’t know her age but I feel she’s open minded girl, gentle and careful with her words the future is bright

@precy:the background music is too loud oo

@PHRASE:Damn it’s sad I’m proud of your for taking your daughter to the Uk to experience that life. Well done and kudos to you.

@Oboayaa Doris:God richly bless you daddy Continue to do the good work for your daughter

@RealGyant13:From the talk of your daughter she said, they discipline them so she will go way ward

@Ralph Montanah:You might be wrong and right at the same time

@MrOdD:If you’re a student in Ghana and you’re sharp! You will feel good in the uk system

@user46798440728033:she is somehow speaking the truth but let’s not forget that she is humble due to the Ghanaian training. Improvement will surely come. God bless Ghana

@Akokoryaw:At least Ghana educational system taught her not to do snap in class

@Akosuabrown ……🦋🫶📌:Aww 🥺I’m even sad 😢 I didn’t get that opportunity but God not let my children skip this 🙏🏾

@Cherinda🧿💕:Depends on the school you attend in Ghana please


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