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WAEC Frequently Asked Questions and their Accurate Answers [UPDATED]

WAEC Frequently Asked Questions and their Accurate Answers.

waec asked questions

In this Page, Allschool will attempt to provide accurate answers to Frequently Asked WAEC Questions from WAEC Candidates and the entire public at large.

NB: The Answers to questions below were gotten from WAEC Official twitter handle and WAEC Nigeria Official Website. Hence 100% Accurate.

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WAEC Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

1. What is WAEC?

WAEC is the acronym for West African Examination Council. WAEC was established in 1952. For a more detailed report, please check out the Wikipedia article on WAEC.

2. As a WAEC Candidates am I suppose to pay for WAEC Calculator?

No. Your Registration Fee covers the cost of the calculator.

3. Can I Change my Date of Birth on my WAEC Certificate?

No, you can’t. Please, be informed that WAEC in the five member countries no longer entertain requests for amendment of date of birth on certificates.

4. How Can I get my WAEC Original Result?

For SSCE candidates, you will get the original result from the school you wrote the exam. For GCE candidates, you will get the original result from WAEC Branch office in your state.

5. How Much is WEAE Registration?

The registration fee for both the School & Private Candidates’ Examination is the same: 13,950 Naira.

6. Can I change my Passport after WAEC Registration?

Yes you can. This can be done in WAEC office in your state.

7. Can I change my LGA and/or state of Origin After WAEC Registration?

Yes you can change it. This can also be done the the board’s office in your state.

8. Is it true that I Can’t use WAEC Scratch Card to Check my Result?

WAEC have stooped producing producing scratch cards. What is in use presently is e-PIN/Voucher that is printed on paper.

9. I had F9 in my WAEC Result, will it appear in my Original Result?

In WAEC original certificates or Attestation of Results the subjects a candidate had F9s are not captured. To make it simple, WAEC doesn’t record failed course in it’s certificate.

10. Where is WAEC office located?

WAEC headquarters is located in Accra. In Nigeria, WAEC international office is located in Plot 6, Lateef Jakande Road, Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. You can check out the Zonal and Branch offices in Nigeria HERE.

11. When will WAEC result come out?

The West African Examination Council has stated that WAEC results will be released 60 days after the exam. Immediately the results are out, candidates can go online to check their results.

12. How can I collect my Original WAEC certificate?

You can collect your WAEC original result 2 years after the exam was written. Candidates can get the original result at a WAEC zonal or state office.

13. Can I combine WAEC and NECO result for admission?

Yes. WAEC and NECO results can be combined together for admission into any Nigeria Tertiary Institutions that accepts two sittings.

14. Can I retrieve my WAEC Photocard?

Yes and it can be done in WAEC office.

15. How can I request for Confirmation of WAEC Result? 

To confirm your original WAEC result or transcript for either admission or any other reason, the following should be sent to WAEC:

  1. Letter of Attestation: to be written on a letterhead, stamped & signed by a clergyman or imam or court of law;
  2. Sworn affidavit;
  3. Photocopy of result print out;
  4. N10, 000 excluding postage. Approved courier services: prices depends on destination.

16. Can I request for My WAEC Transcript via Proxy?

Yes you can request for the transcript of your waec result via proxy. This means someone can request your application for you. This is useful if you don’t stay in Nigeria but needs the transcript abroad.

17. Can I use my WAEC result abroad?

Yes, you can. WAEC result can be used to process admission in foreign countries.

18. Do WAEC results expire?

WAEC results do not expire. The results can be used anytime irrespective of the year it was written.

19. Can I retrieve my Lost, Stolen Or Burnt Original WAEC Certificates?

WAEC does not issue duplicate certificates. But WAEC issues a statement of results to owners of lost certificates which can replace the lost certificates. Click here more more details.

20. Why are some WAEC  results cancelled ?

A. Results are cancelled when candidates are found guilty of examination malpractice.

21. How can a candidate get errors on his/her WAEC certificates corrected ?

A Private candidate sends his/her request for an amendment to WAEC directly, while in the case of a school candidate it is the principal who makes the request.
In the two instances, the original copy of the certificate should be sent along with the application for amendment. WAEC charges a fee for the amendment where it is discovered that the error emanated from the candidate, otherwise, it is free.

22. Why is it that WAEC candidates sometimes have partial release of results ?

Results are partially released due to queries arising from one or a combination of the following mistakes:
(a) Wrong transfer of examination numbers in one or more papers; (b) Failure to shade examination numbers;
(c) Shading objective sheets with biro pens instead of pencil;
(d) Mistakes in entries leading to duplication of subjects.

23. Who are the officials involved in the conduct of WAEC examinations?

There are three categories of officials: supervisors, invigilators and inspectors.
Supervisors are teachers nominated by the various State Ministries of Education. They are actually responsible for conducting the exams at the various centres. It is their responsibility to collect question papers from the custodian and return answer scripts to the custodian centres.
Invigilators are usually teaching staff nominated by their school principals to assist the supervisors at the centres, while inspectors are WAEC staff members who go from one centre to another when the examination is in progress.

24.  Do WAEC officials mark candidates’ scripts ?

 No. The marking of scripts is handled by examiners appointed by WAEC. They are usually educationists who are familiar with the classroom situation and their identities are not supposed to be disclosed.

25. Who are these WAEC examiners and how are they appointed ?

WAEC examiners are mostly graduate teachers in secondary schools, and some lecturers in colleges of education, universities and polytechnics.
A prospective examiner must be a graduate in the subject he is appointed to mark. In addition, he must have a minimum of two years of classroom teaching experience and must be recommended by the principal of the school in which he teaches.

26. My son wrote GCE 2015 in Lagos and needs to collect his original result from your office but cannot find his exam photo card. What do we do? Does the custody fees applies to him??

ANS: He can request for the retrieval of his photo card at a fee in our office. No, Custody Fee starts counting after 4 years.

27. I wrote my GCE in Ketu. Please I want to collect my original WAEC certificate, how much is it? what are the requirements? please which office am I collect it from?

ANS: Please, go to our Ikorodu Office at Ebute Road, Igbogbo with: One passport Photo card Computer print out of the result N3, 500.00 cash (payable to WAEC) NB: If your certificate have stayed in our office for more than 4years, Custody Fee would apply.

28. My son wrote GCE 2015 in Lagos and needs to collect his original result from your office but cannot find his exam photo card. What do we do? Does the custody fees applies to him? 

ANS: He can request for the retrieval of his photo card. Custody Fee applies to only certificates that have stayed in our office for more than 4years.

29. please, I just collected my original waec certificate and the Date of Birth (DOB) is not correct, what do I do please… I wrote the exam in the year 2009.

ANS: Requirements for Amendment of Date of Birth on Certificates Sworn Affidavit; Photocopy of Birth Certificate-(Original must be sighted by a WAEC Staff when submitting your request); Administrative Fee of 10,000 Naira; and A Letter of Application.

30. what are the requirements on ground for me to acquire my original waec certificate

ANS: Requirements for Collection of Certificates by Private Candidates: One passport Photo card Computer print out of the result N3, 500.00 cash (payable to WAEC) NB: If your certificate have stayed in WAEC office for more than 4years, Custody Fee would apply.

31. Pls how many years does it take for waec Original Certificate to be available?… Or is it in months???

ANS: It takes 90 days after the release of results. Kindly note that beginning with WASSCE for Private Candidates, 2019-Second Series, certificates are to be printed on request made online via Please, see the advert below for more information:

How do I contact WAEC for inquiries?

You can contact WAEC through their twitter handle {@waecnigeria} or you can send an email to [email protected].

What is WAEC website?

WAEC has a variety of website. The website for checking WAEC result is different from the one for doing registrations. Below are some of the domains related to WAEC;

If you still have any other question, please feel free to use the comment box below. Allschool will be pleased to provide an accurate answers to your questions.


Thank you so much for reading. We will appreciate it if you share this with your loved ones.

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Agbai divine

Can I write agricultural science in replacement of Crs in WACE


What happened if a WAEC student was uploaded for Cass 1 and wasn’t uploaded for cass 2 can he still be registered?


If I write my GCE 2nd series examination in 2024 will the result be out this year

Nifemi Bada

Can I change my subject combination after registering if yes how and how much will it cost plsss.for instance I want to remove biology and put ict

Mbakwe chioma faith

Which bank can I register waec

Mbakwe chioma faith

Please is waec registeration still going on,if yes please which can I register it


If I registered for GCE/WAEC in a year is it possible that the examination will be prosponed to the following year


I mistakenly wrote on the margin during my waec are marks deducted for that

Last edited 4 months ago by Lily

What will happen if I forget to write my name but I wrote my index number

Rahama Umar

Please it’s urgent, i did my waec capturing in my school, and I didn’t pay the waec fees, can i do my waec in another school? Please reply 🙏🏻

Last edited 5 months ago by Rahama Umar

Good morning sir ,
My school paid for subject from credit to biology I wrote biology in waec but when I saw my result it showed crs absent and no biology was there and I’m a medicine student ,my university is awaiting my biology result what should do ? Please I need help or else my admission will be cancelled. Please help me thanks for reading. Have a good day
Yours faithfully,

Gerald Paul

And sir when shading on our answer booklet what if there a slight of dash outside the box of options giving to us will it affect our result?

Gerald Paul

Hello sir in our answer booklet is it compulsory to reshade all those index,sex something like that because my first encounter with the answer booklet we were never told to do so but I our next paper they told us to reshade hope this won’t mk us to fail


I missed a waec paper due to wrong timetable can I rewrite it

kase tejiri

Can i changer my subject

Aforkeoghene Precious

Can I change from science to social science after registration 2023


Can someone have two WAEC certificates for arts and science?


If I miss two papers does it reflect on my result?


What happens if you don’t reshade index number,paper code and sex on waec objective sheet


Please sir/madam,in my BECE I reshaded my index number but I forgot to reshade the center number and paper code will my objective sheet be rejected by the machine?it is only in one subject.


Sir can I combined waec last year with neco of this year, urgent answer pls

Alih henry ifebuche

I wrote my name Ali Henry ifebuche instead of Alih henry ifebuche will my result be affected is only in two subjects I made that mistake


Sir is it right to use pencil to construct the physics practical table,if no, what’s the penalties(neco specifically)


Sir,any penalties for constructing the neco physics practical table with pencil,and also rough work on the graph due to erasing


Sir,the supervisor assigned to us during waec english exam,did an error,by randomly distributing the booklet, without knowing it has been coded with our index number,and most of us have written our names on the booklet,but we are later told to return the booklet to the original owner though no questions has been answered yet oo,and we also erazed the name before putting in ours,but is there any penalties for that?,it urgent pls


Is it right to use black biro in waec


I retake waec may/June waec examination in 2016 as second sitting, can I use it to secure admission for my PG?


Please I didn’t include my middle name in my waec registration how can I do it?I am writing the exam presently this year.


Sir in my wace
I ues owolabi foluso ojo
But in my jamb i use owolabi foluso
Sir can i get admission with it


Sir in my wace i used
owolabi foluso ojo
But in my jamb i used
owolabi foluso, can i get admission with it


Pls I wrote my waec last year 2020 during the pandemic. But my date of birth is not correct, how do i make changes pls


Please I wrote GCE since 2017 Eti osa LGA Lagos. and till now, the results is not out. I have gone to my state branch at Ikorodu couple of times to pick up my original certificate, but they keep on saying the print out is not yet out. Please what should I do? I need my result

Akinwoye Elizabeth Temidola

Pls can i make a change of subject combination in my waec. Pls i need to know.
God bless you.

Akinwoye Elizabeth Temidola

Good day Sir/ ma can I make a change in my waec subject combination. I mean this year waec.
Thanks as i anticipate my answer.


Please can i change my waec centre if I relocate to another state before the exam. Or is it possible to re register in the new state? is there a consequence for double registration?

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