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Despite Acquiring A University Degree, Woman Chooses to be Lorry Driver, Now Doing Well

Cursory: After obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Banking and Finance from University Malaysia Kelantan (UMK), Tanah Merah, prefers to be a lorry driver

Tanah Merah, a Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Banking and Finance from Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK), preferred to be a tipper lorry driver despite her educational qualification.

While sharing her story, she became a tipper lorry driver since March.

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Merah stated that that even though she had the educational qualification to pursue her career in Banking & Finance, she never looked back despite what was said as she has chosen a career for herself.

She counts her blessings for having her family’s support to do what she does.

Merah rightly states;

I used to work as a contractor in the construction and building sector before this, but I always had a desire to try my hand at something else and this is what ‘drove’ me to become a lorry driver.

Before I took my licence, I tried driving my uncle’s lorry to build up my confidence and driving skills. Alhamdulillah, it was all okay even though I knew next to nothing about driving lorries at the time.

After I obtained my license, I bought my own lorry and set up my own company. So I am an entrepreneur and I work independently. I’m not under a company that belongs to someone else.

“I leave the house early in the morning and I go to the site to get the earth which is to be transported to the designated site or area.

So far, so good. I work on my own, but the challenge is I have to compete against men as what I do is really male domain.

“I learned how to handle a lorry if any issue crops up, but if there is a major problem I will need help of course.

“I also share what I do on social media because I want to spread the word that women must be independent and not be too fussy or selective when it comes to work.

“I also want to spread awareness to other women to not be too dependent on men.

Many have heaped praise, but there are also those who criticize and hurl insults, but I am not bothered by them. I am happy with what I do as a lorry driver. As long as I am able, I’ll keep on doing it. For women who share similar interests as I have, I would say, go for it because we know what we are capable of.”

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