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Five (5) Stress-Free AI Tools Every University Student Should Have

CURSORY: Artificial intelligence (AI) is a very helpful tool for students, both those in secondary and tertiary institutions all around the world it is less stressful, and makes learning fun.

There remains some debate over the role of AI in academia, with some happy to embrace the role of sophisticated technology in education and others who fear it negatively affects academic integrity.

But, the consensus is that AI could be a net positive to education globally. UNESCO, for example, has said AI has the potential to address some of the biggest challenges in education today and innovate teaching and learning.

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Let’s have a look at five AI tools that can make life less stressful for university students and conquer tertiary education.

1. Consensus

Concensus is an AI-powered search engine that answers yes or no questions. It provides answers with the consensus of the academic community.

Users can also ask Consensus about the relationship between concepts and something’s cause and effect. Consensus usually replies by referencing academic studies and providing a list of the academic papers used to arrive at the consensus.

It also shares the summaries of the top articles it analysed. This AI responds to topics on social policy, medicine, mental health and health supplements, economics and sleep.

2. Cognii

Cognii has a virtual learning assistant that relies on conversational technology to help students improve critical thinking skills. It also provides one-on-one tutoring and real-time feedback that can be tailored to individual student’s needs.

3. ChatPDF

ChatPDF is an AI-powered app that makes it easier to go through journal articles, It has been described as ChatGPT but for research papers. It allows users to upload the research paper PDFs into the AI software and then takes questions from users.

The app can then summarise the paper and provide further examples of questions it can answer from the analysed document.

4. Knowji

Knowji is an audio-visual vocabulary application that relies on current educational research. It is designed for language learners, tracks each word’s progress, and can predict when users will likely forget.

This AI has a spacing repetition algorithm, which enables students to learn better over time.

5. Queirum

Querium is an AI platform that helps students master critical STEM skills.

The platform uses personalised lessons and tutoring assistance. The AI virtual tutor helps improve student learning speed, quality, and analysis while improving student outcomes.

Queirum’s AI also helps teachers analyse answers and the time it takes to complete tutoring lessons.

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