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Primary School Student’s Answer to “What is Marriage” Leaves Many Laughing Hard

CURSORY: A student’s answer to the question “what is marriage” has gone viral on Twitter leaving netizens laughing very hard.

The perspective of people on many things differs from one to the other.

For example, a child’s view on a topic is different from that of an adult as children have innocent minds and they tend to understand things just as they see them.

Sometimes their adorable answers may leave you stunned or laughing uncontrollably.

An answer sheet of a student who was asked to answer the definition of marriage in a Social Studies test is going viral on various social media platforms.

Answering the question which carried 10 marks, the students wrote that marriage takes place when parents feel their daughter is a big woman. According to the child, the parents would tell the girl,

“We can’t feed you again. Better go and find a man who will start feeding you.” He further added that the girl would meet with a man whose parents shout at him to marry.

“Please you are now a big man”. As per the kid, the man and the woman would test each other. Then they will decide to live together and start doing nonsense to have children, he wrote in his answer sheet, stunning his teacher and most netizens

The viral picture of the child’s answer showed that the teacher was clearly annoyed with the answer.

The teacher has crossed out the answer of the student and remarked “nonsense” on the sheet. Though the teacher did not like the answer of the student, Social media users seem to find it hilarious.

Netizens reacts:

@M_JawadDhillon: This Child is a LEGEND PRO MAX 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

@CPrabhath8389: This student has to be appreciated for his imagination. This student has a good future

@Hello_Chitransh: Very True😂😂😂

@lordsanjiro: This teacher should be dismissed. Very Apt answer….11/10….

@MeraNaamKevin: Give this student an award 😂😂😂

@animetomoon: 😭 what is this

@Rupali_licious: They start doing nonsense 😂😂

@a_elfaedy: Nonsense indeed

@ArnobAtWork: This is the most relevant answer i have seen , amazing , keep up great work kid ❤️😜

See the tweet below:

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