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See Hilarious Chat Between a Dad & His Daughter Who ‘Ran Away’ With His Favourite Shirts

Cursory: A hilarious WhatsApp chat between a man and his daughter has kept netizens needing new lungs. The heartbroken dad sent her a voice note on WhatsApp inquiring if she had taken a particular red T-shirt In the voice note.

A wholesome but hilarious video is making rounds on the internet and leaving a trail of laughter. It showed a very sweet bond between a mischievous daughter and her father.

The video shows how an ideal relationship between Father and daughter should be, to the extent of the daughter wearing her dad’s clothes.

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According to the WhatsApp message her dad sent her, she had gone home on visitation, raided her father’s wardrobe, and smuggled away some clothing items.

Discovering this after she had gone back to school, her father decided to send her a message.

He first started with salutations and enquiries about her well-being. Then, he politely and calmly asked her if she had taken his red Tommy T-shirt. He further inquired how many of his t-shirts she had in her possession.

“Good morning my daughter, how are you? Please I wanted to ask you; are you with my red Tommy T-shirt? And, how many of my t-shirts do you have? Please, just let me know, okay,” the man pleaded.

While sharing the video, the lady said in part: “POV: you don’t have man, so your dad has to suffer every time you’re home from school.”

Watch video below:


I’m so sorry ????i feel bad rn cause i took a lot but you’ll go shopping anyway????#fypシ゚viral #tiktoknigeria????????

♬ original sound – Ladyking

See reactions:

@skzexquisite wrote: “Actually feel bad for him.”

@stephanie20500 said: “We want to see the shirt my daughter.”

@cheioma commented: “This is where I’m going to with my dad.”

@weluvj03nne said: “This is so cute.”

@stefandeep commented: “Please just let him know he’s begging.”

@delphenessignature said: “How many of daddy’s shirts do you have? C Give him back please.”

@fave_meso wrote: “This your daddy dey polite.

@barbielunny wrote: “Uptil now I still dey with my dad’s big flannel shirt, it was so fine with blue colour.”

@carladdoll wrote: “Awwwnnnn soooo cute.”

@siesmunashe said: “My sister once wore his blazer to church and he was offended at how many people complimented her outfit.”

@joy_chidinma wrote: “Pls give daddy his red tommy tshirt.

@tangirl commented: “Please just let me know.” wrote: “Where is his red shirt?”

@sapphixxr commented: “Girl if you don’t return his Tshirt. You’re stressing himmm.”

@jilenomoghene said: “Very polite man.”

@genny.vieve wrote: “Good morning my daughter. Co debators and accurate time keeper.”

@chocolates_diary12 commented: “My father doesn’t bother he will just wait asking again when I come back from school, allow me wear me then show his wife and say I told you.”

@namedbi commented: “The man is begging.”

@dfw.wilmarrrrr wrote: “He sounds so nice.”

@user5672499458475 commented: “I know collect some of mum’s stuff but she always accuses me of the ones I didn’t collect too and I don’t know how she finds them in my bag.”

faithnnaemeka462 said: “This is just the story of my Life,Dear Lord plz give me a good source of income so that I can take care of the precious gift you gave to me,she is 6.”

JessIca said: “Am the child in this story thank God for his grace every day for me and my mom today he cannot stand in front of my mum table turn.”

ABIKE said: “Even if this story is not real, this what we ladies go through in the hands of this unfortunate men, it’s so heartbroken,God bless all good ladies.”


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Let her enjoy her dad


The papa self no need those T shirts again. He said just let me know please. THat part*

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