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Boy Rejected By Many Schools, Celebrates Getting Scholarship into USA Uni, Shares His Inspiring Story

CURSORY: One of the Ketasco 2021 NSMQ team competitors has been awarded a scholarship to study in the United States.

Bright Senyo Gadzo, a participant at the 2021 National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ), has gained admission to study at the esteemed California Institute of Technology in the United States.

The Ckodon Foundation, a nonprofit organization, released the information on its X page. It stated that the intelligent student had been awarded a scholarship to pursue his studies overseas for $92,519, or GH¢ 1,110,000.

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Bright Senyo Gadzo thanked the Ckdon Foundation in a statement for playing a crucial part in securing him a scholarship overseas.

Read his story below:

After a careful review of your application, we regret to inform you we’re unable to offer you admission into our noble school this fall” I’ve read this piece of line countless times in my life all in the pursuit of that one congratulatory letter. l began to take them as though they were doses of tablet at a point….

They say opportunities knock but once, yet I’ve come to realize that triumph can still be seized even after the initial chances slip through our fingers.

In the vibrant town of Tema, my childhood unfolded under the watchful gaze of my grandmother. Those were the days when academics took a backseat, overshadowed by the allure of youthful adventures.

Despite my grandmother’s persistent lamentations about my lackluster grades, I remained unswayed, finding solace in the fact that my closest companions shared similar academic fates. Together, we navigated the rear ranks, dodging the ignominy of last place by the narrowest of margins.

The currents of life eventually guided my sister and me to Denu in the Volta Region, where our parents awaited. In the esteemed halls of the Great Royal School Complex, I embarked on a new chapter of my academic journey.

With a determination to reinvent myself, I clawed my way to the 21st spot after our initial exams. While my parents’ enthusiasm seemed tempered, I reveled in this modest achievement, feeling a spark of promise ignite within me. As time passed, I ascended to the 5th rank, setting the stage for an unyielding climb that propelled me to the upper echelons of academic achievement in my elementary school.

One unforgetable moment during my Junior High School years was the opportunity to represent my school in an inter-school Mathematics ompetition organized by a local radio station.

My dad, a math tutor at the time, took it upon himself to provide me with extra tutoring outside of regular classes, ensuring I was well-prepared for the challenge.

I eagerly informed my friends from other schools to tune in and witness the competition, as I was confident in our victory. However, fate took a turn that day when we arrived at the studio only to learn that our school had been disqualified without clear reasons. It was a bitter disappointment, yet I understood that setbacks are a part of life’s journey.

Throughout these formative years, one passion blazed brighter than the rest – the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ). Its allure had enchanted me since the early days of my education.

As high school beckoned, a resolute goal took shape: to lead my school to NSMQ glory while achieving top grades in my final exams. The competition to be a member of the prestigious team was fierce, with a pivotal test separating the contenders from the pretenders.

Fueled by determination, I dove into the assessment, unaware that my zeal would inadvertently lead to a stumble that could shatter my dreams.

Hope, though dimmed, refused to extinguish. The list of contenders was revealed, and the gap between my score and the required threshold was agonizingly narrow. Tears flowed as I grappled with the disappointment. A senior peer lent me a reassuring voice, uttering, “Fear not, for a few shall be added.”

This encouragement, coupled with an unforeseen blessing in the form of a COVID-induced hiatus, allowed me to dive deeper into my studies. I devoured the SHS syllabus in preparation for the 2020 private WASSCE and a shot at the NSMQ.

Resilience paid off. With bated breath, I joined the ranks of the quiz team just after the 2020 edition of the NSMQ. Tears streamed down my face, bearing witness to rekindled dreams, preserved faith, and the unwavering support of fellow travelers on this path. Names like Godsway Xedzro, Elorm Ocloo and a few others stood as pillars of my journey, their recommendations paving the way toward my aspirations.

United by purpose, my companions transformed our group into a close-knit family. Amid internal competitions, camaraderie blossomed.

Our journey to the finals unfolded through diligence, unwavering ambition, and the serendipitous touch of destiny. Months of rigorous training bore fruit as we embarked on a pilgrimage to Kumasi, poised to etch our names into history.

The grand stage awaited, an arena where courage triumphed over nerves. Fueled by memories of our victory in the regional championship and other important external trial contests, we gave our all, the echo of countless aspirations reverberating in our hearts.

While we secured the bronze medal, missing the gold, our experiences and lessons glitered more brilliantly than any medal ever could.

Post-NMSQ, the realm of college applications beckoned. I cast our nets wide in the 2021/2022 application cycle. Eventually, I got waitlisted by Williams College and received an invitation from New York University Abu Dhabi for their Candidates’ weekend sessions.

The session was for students who stood higher chances of getting admitted. In the long run, I got rejected by all these schools. In a way I felt I wasn’t there yet but Francisca Lamini’s admission into the famous Harvard University was an eye opener. We both left Keta SHTS, with the same final grades. When she got into Harvard means I’ve the potential to get into an equally elite US college if I tried again.

I gave the college application process another shot with the CKODON FOUNDATION the following year (2022/2023 cycle).

It’s 11th March 2023 and quarter past three in the morning and all I could do was cast glances at the ceiling.

My eyes were teary because I had just read rejection letters from three of my last four safety schools. All I had left was Caltech and the Ivy League schools.

“When the time is right, I, the lord will make it happen” was the scripture that kept me together at that point.

Later that day, Caltech released their decisions, and I was in utter disbelief upon reading my congratulatory letter. Despite facing rejections, my journey took an unexpected turn when Caltech extended a lifeline. Amidst a chorus of ‘congratulations,” tears flowed freely – evidence that dreams, fueled by determination and grace, can conquer even the most daunting odds.

Destiny, enigmatic in its workings, materialized in the form of Master Selorm Promise Abedu, the founder of Ckodon. My faith in destiny’s guiding hand was rekindled by Master Selorm’s presence. As a member of his non-profit organization, I found myself among kindred spirits, all aspiring for greatness.

The application journey held its share of setbacks, with safety schools delivering disheartening news. Yet, Caltech emerged as a beacon of hope, turning despair into elation.

I hope to pursue a four-year bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at Caltech. After completion, I aspire to return to Ghana offer help in the power sector as well as assisting young with financial difficulties sail through the application process.

This narrative, marked by setbacks and surges, is a testament to resilience triumphing over adversity. It celebrates the power of dreams, nurtured by hard work and seasoned with unwavering faith.

To all who dare to believe, let this journey resound as a call to action. Through unity, dreams, and destiny,we wield the tools to shape the world.

Many also thanked the non profit organization for making this possible.

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@_tu_tuu indicated: Another shining example of #TheCkodonFoundation impact. From Keta to California no bi small joke oo.

@TheReal_Seneca commented: We bless God for your gain bros. Let’s all Help Ckodon do more for others by supporting the foundation through donations.

@thousandplans added: Another year, Another cohort and more wonders. Heatt Ckodon heattt.

@eben_armani added: Woooww…this is really amazing….herrr Caltech paaa…congrats bro.

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