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Ghanaian International Student Sent Back Due To Mistake By His Travel Agent

Cursory: A Ghanaian student who got admission in a Canadian University was deported back to Ghana because his Ghanian agent did not provide him with the necessary information about his school. Upon arrival in Canada, he couldn’t provide login details to immigration officers and was sent back to Ghana.

A student from Ghana who had traveled to Canada for his education was deported back to Ghana due to a lack of login details. The incident was narrated by Prince Kojo Tawiah on his YouTube channel.

According to Prince, the student was not provided with any information about his school by the agent who assisted him. In a video on MILO TV GH, Prince explained that the student had enlisted the help of an agent in Ghana to secure admission to a Canadian university and obtain his visa.

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Upon arrival at the Canadian airport, the student became visibly anxious, which drew the attention of immigration officers who questioned him.

When asked to provide his login details for the university’s portal, the student was unable to do so because he had not been given the necessary information by the agent.

“He was isolated and questioned. When he said he was coming to school, the immigration officer asked the student to enter his login details on the university’s portal. However, the boy could not do it because he did not have the details.”

Prince explained that the Ghanaian student could not provide the details because the agent who helped him failed to give him the student details.

Since the young man could not provide the details, he was sent back to Ghana on the next available flight.

Prince emphasized the importance of agents providing all the essential details to travelers to avoid such issues when they arrive in the destination country.

See video below:

See reactions:

@francisogoe99548 days agoThere should be more to the story , perhaps someone had complained about him or something. They won’t just deport you because you don’t have your login information. There already have access to your information , your final destination and the school you are going. What if I don’t have my login details off head. The login information was definitely not the reason.

@user-lg6vd3rv2e: Milo thank you for this vital information. Please keep up the good work in helping us.😊

@princelanteynii: Thank you MC Milo and your boys for always creating such helpful contents to do away of common mistakes.bigups to Plan Ahead GH and Nana Baffour Tv.

@mohammednasirusadiku: U don’t need an agent if you have all the documents especially school cert and proof of fund

@francisboateng2068: If he had a cordial relationship with the agent what stopped him from asking the agent for the details? Besides what stops the officer from allowing him to enter cos of log in?

@unknowna7020: I am sure the woman(immigration officer) contacted the school and found out that the gentleman had not resgistered with the school.. It is nothing to do with his login details

@feliciaboateng2381: This is not about RACIST! those people are just doing their work. they are already aware that some people are entering illegally so they sometimes do random checks

@acheampongfrancis7097: Please Milo you see in case our bother was not ask to log in and he got the chance to enter the school what will he use to do enrollment. Our brother has made a very big mistake upon spending all this amount of money. Thanks you for your good work Milo

@nhyira4223: I don’t even know how to say this, both some of the applicants and agents are the problem. I know someone who does genuine school applications for people in Canada and he charges huge amount of money. Myself i freely guide people to do their own applications without taking anything. I let them create their own acc for the whole process. The problem I have with most of our own Gh ppl is that when you are guiding them they want to leave everything to you to do for them and that is where the agents charge huge if they will do everything for you without you doing anything throughout the process.


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