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Mum Shares a Funny Story of How She Caught Teachers that Eats Her Kids Lunch in School

CURSORY: A Nigerian mum has recently shared a funny story of how she set a trap for a school teacher that eats her son’s lunch

A Nigerian woman has shared a funny story of how she devised a smart way of finding out if teachers have been eating her child’s food in school.

In her tweet, her son rarely eats at home but always comes home with an empty flask.

She then decided to set a trap for the teacher that has been eating his food by putting plantain, egg and vegetable sauce in his food flash because she knows her son does not like them.

However, he returned home with an empty flask as usual.The woman shared the story after a tweep @iamborngifted noted how good it is to teach in nursery school as he hailed parents for knowing how to fry chips.

He said:

“To teach for nursery class sweet oh, some parents sabi fry chips.”

In reaction, @Dcounty93 wrote:

“Thank you 😂one time I packaged boiled unripe plaintain and egg/vegetable sauce ! Knowing fully well my son hates unripe plantain … Lo and behold brethren 😂he came back with an empty Flask… that was when I knew this teachers are eating good !”

See tweet below

See reactions below

Sabir tweeted:

@legitngnews Any mum that is bothered by a Teacher eating her child’s leftover is wicked. If Ur Child’s teacher will need to eat from Ur child, it shows U don’t pay fees well. D teacher isn’t comfortable, if D child brings back food, are U eating it. Teachers are blessings

@Dcounty93 replied

If u look very well u will see that I said I had no problem with that ! Except that my child shouldn’t go hungry ? It was becoming too much ,coming back home with flat tummy like someone that hasn’t eaten yet the flask is empty ! Look I just wanted to know what’s wrong no offense

Samuel.O.Oruruo said:

Please dn’t be bordered that response, you dn’t own the school and I believe you are paying whatever has been set as school fees. It is absolutely normal for parents to look out for their kids especially at that age. The amount of left over helps a parent monitor child nutrition

@Dcounty93 replied

Thank you🙏🏾sir , some people would say it a small issue but it wasn’t then …. I was so bothered 😕 as to why he would eat that much in school , get home hungry eats a little and is already fed up and bubbling .I knew something was amissShe was just stating her simple obvious observations.

BLACK SHUGÆR♠️ tweeted

To even mention that the teacher ate all the food, knowing well the boy doesn’t like it cos he obviously didn’t eat it. Thereby keeping the kid hungry all day. So what does that make the useless teacher? 😂😂Easy Mahn!

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