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How to Save More Money As an Undergraduate Student [REVISED]

How to Save More Money As a Student.

make money in school

Today, Allschool will show you verified steps to help you save more as a student. First will will list them out., then explain each.

Let’s start by listing out the things you can do.

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How to Save More Money As a Student.

  1. Set a daily Spending Limit. 
  2. Learn How to Cook
  3. Invest in What You Wear
  4. Photocopy Textbooks or Get the PDFs
  5. Kill that Urge to Join the Trend
  6. For Guys, Limit Number of Girls you date.

Now the Explanation….

  • Set a daily Spending Limit. 
    This might seem a little bit hard to do at first but taking an average of your 4-5 days spending, including sundays can be used to estimate a fixed daily spending. Having a daily spending limit helps minimize your constant buying of irrelevant stuffs. 
    It’s been working for over a million students and workers too. Give it a try and you won’t regret.
  • Learn How to Cook 
    This is for Everyone irrespective of gender or anything. Cooking saves more cash than buying foods and more importantly, it’s part of a healthy lifestyle. Imagine cooking a meal that will last a day with #500 and buying a plate of meal for #350, who then is spending more??
  • Invest in What You Wear
    I’m not saying you should put on expensive clothes or buy them all from a boutique or online stores, I’m only pointing at QUALITY. 
    NB: Not everything sold in a boutique is quality and not everything called Okrika (faily used cloths) is trash… 
    A quality wear can last for a year, two or more thereby minimizing excessive shopping ? 
    Shop quality and walk with confidence.?
  • Photocopy Textbooks or Get the PDFs
    You don’t have to go buying all the text books my dear, it’s very cheap to photocopy and as long as its for personal use only, it’s not PIRACY. But if you’re comfortable with reading from your device like phones, laptops or anything, a PDF cost nothing though and that’s more money saved.?
  • Kill that Urge to Join the Trend
    what’s trending?
    a particular clothing? Shoe? Sneakers? Face caps? Name them… Look! You tend to stop wearing those stuffs the moment they aren’t trending no more. Did I get a 5k foot wear to stop wearing it after 3 months????
    Trend is costly to join and costly to keep up with, why then join it???
  • For Guys, Limit Number of Girls you date.
    Some may advice you not to date, but if you must date, DATE ONLY ONE GIRL. This can help you save a lot of money. If you spend 1000 or one girl then if you have 10 girlfreinds  then you will be spending 10,000. Please have sense

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Thank you so much for reading. We will appreciate it if you share this with your loved ones.

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Please what if I decide not do date any girl at all, and how can I do it




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