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Young Lady Overcomes Challenges to Become Best Graduating Student in Her University

A young Nigerian lady, Oso’s Sarah Oge who recently graduated from the University and emerged as the best graduating student in her department shares her inspiring story of overcoming life’s challenges to be at the top.

A young Nigerian lady, Oso’s Sarah Oge, won the admiration of many as she shared her story of resilience and determination and how she triumped in school despite all the challenges she faced in school to become the best graduating student in her department.

According to her narration, she was born into a family where no one had ever attended university and was very determined to break this cycle with her father as her greatest supporter and cheerleader.

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However, things took an unfortunate turn when her father passed away while she was still in secondary school, leaving the family in financial difficulty.

Despite this setback, her mother managed to enroll her in a public school, where she excelled in her SSCE exams.

Despite the financial constraints which made furthering her education seem unattainable, the lady persevered and took a job at a primary school, earning a modest salary of 10,000 Naira per month. She saved diligently, using her earnings to enroll in both a basic computer course and a baking school, where she graduated with excellent results.

Driven by a dream and a sense of purpose, she continued to pursue higher education. In 2019, she scored highly in her JAMB and post-UTME exams, initially aiming to study petroleum engineering but later switching to education due to her teaching experience.

Her journey was filled with obstacles. After her first year at university, her mother was robbed, and she lost her place to stay. Faced with the possibility of returning home and starting a baking business, she turned to prayer. During an eight-month ASUU strike, she worked as a sales representative in a boutique, saving what little she could.

At the end of the 8-months strike, she realized her savings were insufficient for both rent and food. In a stroke of luck, her boss offered her a place to stay in exchange for working as a house help, with additional pay during holidays. This arrangement provided her with the stability she needed to continue her studies.

To supplement her income, she started a drop shipping business with no initial capital, eventually establishing her own clothing line. Despite her demanding circumstances, she excelled academically and held several leadership positions, including class assistant representative in her first and second years, departmental senator, and faculty chief clerk in her third year. She was also an active member of the FYF committee and received numerous awards.

Her determination did not stop there; she earned certifications in digital marketing, content writing, public speaking, and business consultation. Against all odds, she graduated as the top student in her department.

Narrating her ordeal in school and how she emerged as Best Graduating student she wrote;

A story of a young lady who refused to be stopped by life adversities. I was born in a dynasty where nobody has ever gone to a college, i was eager to break this record and my lovely Dad of blessed memory was ready to support, but unfortunately I lost him while I was still in secondary school.

Now this dream looks unachievable as he was the financial pillar of the house, my mum manage to train me in a public school where I took my SSCE and came out with excellent grades in just one sitting. But then there was no money to further, I got a job in a primary school where I was paid 10, 000 monthly I saved up and enrolled in a computer basic school and also in a baking school of which I graduated with Excellent results.

But then these are not what I dreamt of, I have a dream, a purpose of which I am made for and I was bent on achieving it.

Fast forward to 2019, I wrote Jamb/ post utme had a very high score and was ready to study petroleum engineering but due to the fact that I had a present interest in Education while teaching I decided to switch.

After my first year, things became tougher, my mum was robbed and it was as if she went back to square one, the place I was squatting was no longer available due to certain reasons and I became stranded and helpless. I was left with the option of back going home and starting up my baking Buisness.

I prayed to God and then ASUU went on strike 😂, I got a job as a sales representative in a boutique and save up some money in that 8months. They called of strike but looking at the money I saved it was not enough for my feeding and rent, at that point I thought I had just wasted my time.

My boss the owner of the boutique saw my predicament and offered a deal, ( you can stay in my house and go to school, but you will be working as a house help and your pay will be food and shelter unless when you are on holiday and then you will have to add up the responsibility of a sales representative and I will pay you 12thousand for the limited time). I was happy and accepted the offer for me that was God working.

The money wasn’t enough because it wasn’t coming in unless we are on a break, so i started my drop shipping Buisness with Zero capital and today I own a clothing line.

Despite the fact I had a tedious life, I still served as my class assistant Rep year 1&2, my departmental senator and faculty chief clerk in my 300level, and an active member of the FYF committee and was given several awards.

I didn’t stop there I enrolled and got certified in various soft skills such as, digital marketing, content writing, public speaking and Buisness consultation.

Against all Odds I emerge the Best graduating student of my department.

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