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2-Year-Old Prodigy Solves Challenging Math Problems on America’s Got Talent

A 2-year-old math prodigy identified as Devan Defreitas stunned the judges and audience on America’s Got Talent by solving a complex mathematical equations independently.

A 2-year-old math prodigy named Devan Defreitas stunned the judges and audience on America’s Got Talent with his extraordinary ability to solve complex mathematical equations independently.

Accompanied by his father, Duane, Devan traveled from New York to audition for the show’s 19th season. His impressive performance left everyone in awe as he effortlessly tackled difficult math problems.

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America’s Got Talent, part of the global Got Talent franchise created by Simon Cowell, showcases a diverse array of talents from participants across the United States and beyond.

Duane explained how Devan’s talent caught the show’s attention: “We posted a video of him on TikTok, and it went viral. One of the producers saw it and thought Devan would be a great fit for America’s Got Talent.”

In a clip from AGT, Devan was asked to solve math problems that would be challenging for most two-year-olds. As the questions increased in difficulty, he continued to answer correctly. Using a dry-erase board, Devan multiplied and added figures requested by the judges, impressing everyone with his accuracy. Simon Cowell humorously remarked, “We’re all sitting here thinking the same thing: get us a calculator. I now feel really stupid.”

Devan’s performance included solving 7 times 9 to get 63 and adding 44 and 13 to get 57. Even when a judge distracted him during a more complex problem, he correctly answered 553 for 79 multiplied by 7 with his father’s reassurance.

Devan, the youngest contestant of the season, demonstrated remarkable composure and skill. Duane shared his initial concerns about how a two-year-old doing math would be received on the show, but Devan’s confidence reassured them. Duane recalled Devan’s early fascination with numbers, noting that his first word was the number 7.

“When we showed him learning shows, if we changed the channel from math shows, he would cry, and when we changed it back, he’d stop,” Duane recounted. Recognizing his son’s potential, Duane nurtured Devan’s mathematical abilities. “It is never too early to start teaching your child numbers. Devan is proof of that,” he said.

Duane encourages parents to begin teaching their children early, as the benefits are significant. Devan, who has over 800,000 followers on Instagram and more than a million on TikTok, showcases his skills in addition, division, multiplication, subtraction, Roman numerals, and exponents.

Since his viral post in September 2023, Devan has garnered widespread attention, appearing on shows like the Kelly Clarkson Show and CBS Morning Show.

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