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Highschooler With 4.1 GPA Explains Why She Was Rejected From ‘Every College She Applied To’

Cursory: A young girl has posted on her page about her surprising failure to get accepted into colleges she applied to despite having a CGPA of 4.1.

Waiting for college acceptance letters can be a stressful time for high school students, and it can be disappointing to receive rejections from schools that were high on their priority list.

One high school student, C’Lette was surprised to discover that while having a high GPA overall, she had received more rejection letters than she had anticipated when she submitted college applications.

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C’Lette, the 4.1 GPA student, shared in a TikTok video that she had received several rejection letters despite her impressive extracurricular activities and academic achievements.

She explained that she had applied with test-optional for most of her applications, and realized that her GPA had to be higher when applying without test scores (like SAT).

“I thought that if I applied with a high score, I would have been accepted into the universities that I wanted to be accepted into.

“Because when you apply test optional, your GPA has to be a lot higher than if you applied with a test score that was up to their standards.”

In a follow-up video, replying to certain inquiries she had received in her previous video, including whether or not she had received any acceptances, C’Lette said “I actually got accepted into a school”.

C’Lette had sent applications to several universities as a backup plan in the event that she had been turned down, but she had hoped that she wouldn’t actually have to attend them.

She noted that she did end up getting an acceptance, and learned a lot from the whole process. “At the moment, it felt like the end of the world,” she said. “But, it really isn’t. Honestly, I learned a lot from the whole process.”

C’Lette’s experience highlights the importance of not letting setbacks define us. Even when things don’t go as planned, there is always a lesson to be learned and a way forward.

See her video below:


Replying to @connirowdee answering all the most asked questions ! #college #collegeapp #collegeadmissions #fyp #nottheendoftheworld

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See reactions below:

@Happy VA Girl:I’m so proud of you. I didn’t get my BA until I was 35, but I became the ED of a non-profit at 32. 1. Education isn’t everything. 2. Grad school is a bigger deal. You’re going to be just fine.

@Izzzz:I got a 1090 but I got accepted to every one I applied to… but I’m also just a psych major so it makes stem would have higher requirements… ????????

@user569549855347:yeah, 1100 is pretty low. justgo to community first, prove you can maintain a 4.0 on college level then transfer to any school you want

@@livelikeulve:SAT and ACT are a joke. you put in so much work and what happens? nada. some ppl are just bad at test taking

@????????‍♂️:Go to a community college transfer in . Makes no difference to the transfer school

@Luis Gonzalez:Save your money and do a community college sale difference no one looks at where you graduated from its networking

@Laura L. Ryan:I didn’t want to take the SAT so I did community college for two years and took all the basics there. I transferred into a University after that

@deedadeet:Trust me, when you’re even 3 years out of college nobody even looks where you graduated from. They are *you* and your qualities. You got this!

@Julie Haggard Short:My daughter went to community college for 2 yrs, 4.0 both yrs, transferred to UNC Chapel Hill & graduated debt free!!

@user1350978075849:California removed the SAT/ACT requirement.

@mikenolan351:some people set their hopes really high and shoot for the stars. she did say that she had one backup school. but then said she didn’t want to go to it

@Whoops:Attend community college for a year and transfer! I went through the same thing

@Mara the latina therapist:What school so we can cheer you on and don’t forget to always reach out!

@Peeksa:Do your basics in a community collage then transfer. Saves a lot of money

@apple:I got a 910 on my SAT got into one school but went to community college and transferred to a 4 year! now I’m studying abroad at a top uni ????

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