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I Didn’t Joke with Strategic Reading: Best Graduating Male Student of Nigerian Law School Speaks on His Win

Working hard for academic excellence eventually paid off for Markanthony Ezeoha Chukwudi, who is currently experiencing the joy that comes from being celebrated as a genius. The best graduating male student of Nigerian Law School has shared his success story and how he was able to balance his academic and social lives.

Speaking with’s Tunde Ososanya, the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka alumnus said finishing as the best graduating male student of the Nigerian Law School didn’t come on a platter of gold.

The secret to achieving academic success
Chuwkwudi said he was prepared for the law school session, adding that he also learnt from the success stories of past law school students.

Markanthony Ezeoha Chukwudi is the best graduating male student of Nigerian Law School

Markanthony Ezeoha Chukwudi is an inspiration to those aspiring to academic success. Photo credit: Markanthony Ezeoha Chukwudi

In his words:

“This preparation was also adjusted in view of COVID-19, meaning that I needed a good but flexible strategy to attain excellence in the Bar Finals.”

He stressed on the need for students to have mentors, saying learning from the wins and failures of those who have gone before him was a link to his readiness in law school.

The legal practitioner said:

“To contrive a good strategy, I learnt from the success stories of past law school students, and kept adapting their advice to suit my situation. In this light, you can tell mentorship is essential. Learning from the wins and failures of those who have gone before me was a link to my readiness.”

According to Chukwudi, he started intense study from the first day of resumption and all through the session, adding that the lockdown helped him cover the courses as many times as possible.

Three boxes of law school study

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The young lawyer said the three boxes of law school study are the hard work, the smart work, and the excellent work, which he said he tried to tick.

In his words:

“The first is the basic understanding of law school topics. The second is improving on my knowledge and seeking added information relating to each of the topics that may not have been obvious previously. The third is simulating all I’ve learnt for the purpose of examination proper. So, in as much as you read hard, also read smart and aim for excellence in the exams.”
According to Chukwudi, his study groups were key support systems for him. He said the groups were obsessed with achieving excellent grades.

Speaking about his social life, Chukwudi said he had a robust one during his undergraduate years and while in law school.

In his words:

“I am an ardent football lover, everyone knows this! I rarely miss a football match unless its unavoidable. In law school, there were many days I would literally drop my books and stream matches, even close to exam period. I also attend parties, listen to music, enjoy hanging out with friends, source for good memes. So I have a life (laughs).”

Life at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka.

He said life at the university was not an entirely bad experience for him because he had the opportunity to discover where his interest in law was.

Chukwudi also had the opportunity to plan how to achieve career excellence and build many skills to equip him for the practice of law.

In his words:

“Still, it was a stressful experience which required unbroken focus for 5 years. I therefore needed to maximize my stay in university.”
He advised people aspiring to greatness to work hard in achieving it, saying excellence is not cast in stone.

The legal practitioner said:

“You will need to work to achieve it. Academic excellence is a function of consistency, deep focus, flexibility, a good strategy and some element of luck.”

“You must want it so bad, such that you have to make necessary sacrifice. Also, always learn from those who have gone ahead of you. Their experience will help you avoid pitfalls which your hard work may not be able to remedy.”


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