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How to Gain Admission into UNN [What You Didn’t Know]

We will show you how you can easily gain Admission into UNN (University of Nigeria Nsukka).

how to gain admission into unn

In this post, I will show you how to gain admission into the University of Nigeria Nsukka. This page is strictly for candidates applying through the JAMB UTME.

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How to gain Admission into UNN

1. Use myUNN Post UTME App

This is our number one on the list because of our important it is. myUNN Post-Utme App is an application that helps you prepare for UNN Post UTME smartly and pass excellently.

How? The app gives you access to UNN Post-UTME Past questions, JAMB Past-Questions, UNN Post-UTME Topics, and lots more.

With the App, you get to test your preparedness for the Post-UTME with the exact time format UNN uses. You will also be graded the same way UNN grades the Post UTME.

For motivation, the app also has a leaderboard section where you will see the score of other UNN aspirants using the app. You will also be able to join the weekly contest where you have the chance of winning amazing prizes.

You guessed it right. That’s not all! The myUNN Post-UTME app has a section just to share UNN News, Exclusive UNN Articles, and lots more!

If you need the myUNN Post-UTME app, which you should, then CLICK HERE TO INSTALL IT (android users only)!

2. Choose the correct JAMB subject combination

This might seem simple to you but it’s very important!

WrongJAMB subject combination can deny you admission into UNN even if you have high JAMB and post Utme scores.

All JAMB subject combination
For some courses, UNN has a different subject combination. For example, in some schools, a candidate doesn’t require biology for Psychology, but in UNN you must choose biology as a JAMB subject combination.

So when checking the combination for your course, make sure it’s the correct one.

That’s why we have created a page to show you the accurate requirements for all courses at UNN. Visit the UNN Courses and Subject Combinations page here.

3. Know the departmental Cut-off marks for the course you’re applying for

Some courses are more competitive than others. Hence it’s important you know the exact departmental cut-off mark for the course you’re applying for.

The departmental cut-off mark is calculated by adding JAMB and Post UTME scores and dividing them by 2.

When you know the cut-off mark for the course you’re going for, you have an excellent chance of preparing adequately. You know what your score targets are and know when to change course.

It’s however important you know that cut-off mark changes. It increases or reduces depending on the candidates’ general performance in JAMB and Post UTME.

For example, this year’s cut-off mark for psychology might be 250 but can change to 220 in the next year.

But still, you can still use previous years cut-off marks to know your chances of gaining admission for some courses like Law, medicine and surgery, pharmacy, etc. Their cutoffs don’t usually change significantly. This means that every year their Cut-off marks are usually very high.

We have a page created to show the UNN departmental Cut-off marks for all courses. You can check it out here.

4. Score High in Jamb and UNN Post-Utme

UNN Merit Admission is the easiest way to gain admission into UNN. For most courses, if you have above 250 as an average JAMB score, you will gain admission on merit.

If you really want to gain admission into UNN, strike to have a very good JAMB score and also smash the UNN Post UTME.

5. Change your course when necessary

I know you really want to gain admission into that your dream course, but it is important to be realistic.

Let’s say you want to study Medicine and Surgery at UNN and your JAMB score is 201. If you are familiar with UNN cut off marks, you will agree with me that any medicine and surgery aspirant with JAMB score lower than 260, has a low chance of getting the course on merit.

In that case, just look for a course you can change to and change to it, bearing in mind that your combination must be accurate.

6. Stay Updated with UNN Updates

One thing that can prevent you from gaining admission into UNN is if you are not updated with the UNN news.

Some candidates have missed their UNN post-utme exams because they didn’t know that their dates were rescheduled. Some didn’t even buy the UNN Post UTME Form because they didn’t know when the form was released.

So you see if you see, information is really power! Stay updated with all the UNN latest updates.

Like we said earlier, with myUNN Post UTME App, you will stay informed with all the UNN news that concerns you. You’ll also be able to score extremely high in the Post UTME, meet other UNN aspirants going for your course, and lot’s more!


We have shown you how to easily gain admission into the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN). It is now left for you to take our advice.

As a bonus, below are the UNN school fees for newly admitted students

UNN School Fees for Newly Admitted Students (All Courses)

UNN freshers’ school fees are between N71,200 and N77,700 depending on the course of study. The UNN acceptance fee for fresh students is N30,000.

See the school fees for each course below:

  1. Agricultural Economics – N110,800
  2. Agricultural Extension – N110,800
  3. Animal Science – N110,800
  4. Crop Science – N110,800
  5. Home Science – N110,800
  6. Soil Science – N110,800
  7. Food Science and Technology – N110,800
  8. Nutrition and Dietetics – N110,800
  9. Archeology and Tourism – N110,800
  10. Combined Arts  – N110,800
  11. French  – N110,800
  12. English and Literary Studies  – N110,800
  13. Fine and Applied Arts  – N110,800
  14. FRENCH/GERMAN/RUSSIA  – N110,800
  15. German  – N110,800
  16. History and International Studies  – N110,800
  17. Igbo  – N110,800
  18. Language and Linguistics Igbo  – N110,800
  19. Linguistics and Nigerian Languages  – N110,800
  20. Mass Communication – N110,800
  21. Music – N110,800
  22. Theater and Film Studies – N110,800
  23. Anesthesia – 120,550
  24. Anatomy  – N120,550
  25. Physiology  – N112, 300
  26. Botany  – N112, 300
  27. Zoology  – N112, 300
  28. Combined Biological Sciences  – N112,300
  29. Biochemistry – N112,300
  30. Microbiology – N112, 300
  31. Accountancy  – N114, 550
  32. Banking and Finance  – N114, 550
  33. Business Management – N114, 550
  34. Marketing  – N114,550
  35. Dentistry – N120,550
  36. Adult Education and Community Development – N110,800
  37. Creative Arts – N110,800
  38. Early Childhood Education – N110,800
  39. Education and Economics – N110,800
  40. Education and Geography – N110,800
  41. Education and Igbo – N110,800
  42. Education Arts – N110,800
  43. Education and Political Science – N110,800
  44. Education and English – N110,800
  45. Education Biology – N110,800
  46. Education Chemistry – N110,800
  47. Education and Fine Arts – N110,800
  48. Education Mathematics – N110,800
  49. Education Physics – N110,800
  50. Education Physics – N110,800
  51. Education Science – N110,800
  52. Education Social Science – N110,800
  53. Education History – N110,800
  54. Guidance and Counseling – N110,800
  55. Health Education – N110,800
  56. Special Education – N110,800
  57. Library and Information Science – N110,800
  58. Agric and Bioresources Engineering – 110,800
  59. Civil Engineering – 116,050
  60. Electrical Engineering – 116,050
  61. Electronic Engineering – 116,050
  62. Mechanical Engineering – 116,050
  63. Metallurgical and Material Engineering – 116,050
  64. Mechatronics Engineering – 116,050
  65. Architecture – 114,550
  66. Estate Management – 114,550
  67. Geoinformatics and Surveying – 114,550
  68. Urban and Regional Planning – 114,550
  69. Medical Laboratory Science – N120,550
  70. Medical Radiography – N120,550
  71. Medical Rehabilitation – N120,550
  72. Nursing Science – N120,550
  73. Law – N119,050
  74. Medicine and Surgery – N120,550
  75. Pharmacy – N120,550
  76. Computer Science – N112,300
  77. Computer/Statistics – N112,300
  78. Geology – N112,300
  79. Mathematics – N112300
  80. Physics and Astronomy – N112,300
  81. Pure and Industrial Chemistry – N112,300
  82. Statistics – N112,300
  83. Science Laboratory Technology – N112,300
  84. Economics – N110,800
  85. Geography – N110,800
  86. Philosophy – N110,800
  87. Political Sciences – N110,800
  88. Psychology – N110,800
  89. Public Administration and Local Government – N110,800
  90. Religious Studies – N110,800
  91. Sociology and Anthropology – N110,800
  92. Social Work – N110,800
  93. Veterinary Medicine – N119,050
  94. Agric Education – N110,800
  95. Agric Science Education – N110,800
  96. Business Education – N110,800
  97. Computer Education – N110,800
  98. Home Economics Education – N110,800
  99. Industrial Technical Education – N110,800

Remember, if you really want to score high in UNN post UTME and also want your journey into UNN to be very smooth and easy, then you must have the original myUNN Post UTME App on your phone. Install the app here or check the app’s full benefit here.

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Good morning Sir! Can I study history and diplomatic studies.with this combination at Lagos state university of education: English govt literature and economics?

Abdul Muhmin khadeejah Olamide

When will change of course/Intuitional portal will be available

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