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Dorben Polytechnic Sends Warning to Students against Examination Malpractice

Dorben Polytechnic Management Sends Strong Warning To Students Over Examination Malpractice And Its attendant despondencies

Examination is an integral part of academic standard. It is a statutory responsibility of the Institution to ensure strict compliance of the ethical conduct in line with NBTE directives.

 It is on record that, Dorben Polytechnic has started  waging war against examination malpractice in order to maintain the modest rank as the best private polytechnic; and  centre of academic excellence in Nigeria. 

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Overtime, examination malpractice has become illegal behaviour by students with the explicit aim of achieving a favourable outcome in the examination. 

It is on this backdrop that the management of Dorben polytechnic is sending a strong warning to all students not to engage in examination malpractice. 

To stress further, the Management has set up a Disciplinary Committee, which is vested with a mandate to investigate and recommend sanction as deemed appropriate.

Consequently, the committee had previously investigated quite a number of students that  were found culpable due to their involvement in examination malpractices. 

However, it is sad to recount that, some of the affected students craftily employed criminal tactics in perfecting their nefarious acts, such as:

  • impersonation,
  • smuggling of foreign or extraneous materials ( Expo),
  • using of external assistance, 
  • copying or dubbing. 
  • missile strategy: ( i.e: answer written on a piece of paper, squeezed and thrown to a student while the examination is going on),
  • e-cheating: ( i.e: the habit of students engaging ICT devices to indulge in examination malpractices ), etc…

The management has also observed with dismay, the adverse effect of examination malpractice, both to education and the society, which will be  catastrophic in the long run, if nothing is done to eradicate this ignoble act. Students who would ordinarily be working hard to pass examinations now depend on quack arrangements !

The management is poised to eradicate this academic fraud before it affects the Integrity of our beloved Institution ! 

Consequently, any student caught cheating during examination ( advertently or inadvertently ) shall be summoned to appear before Disciplinary panel and face the full wrath of the law as entrenched in the Students’ Information Handbook.

Let us join hands in making the polytechnic the best institution we can all proud of. 

 Good Luck.

 God Bless Dorben Polytechnic !


 ‘Kareem Ola Akanbi 

 Director, Public Relations.

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